The LifeWorx Guide to 24-Hour Care

It is hard to know when people might need 24-hour home care, particularly when there’s a temporary or chronic health condition, recovering from a traumatic injury or surgery, or a disability.

This resource guide will provide you with the comfort and answers to your questions and our Care Team is available to help find a solution to help ease your family’s peace of mind.

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How does a caregiver feed or provide food for seniors?

Meal preparation and eating healthy and nutritional food is such an important part of staying well, especially for seniors. If you or a loved one is struggling with meal preparation or clean up, our home care services can help.

Meal preparation assistance for the elderly is not just about cooking but involves so much more. Our elderly care services providers are ready to:

  • Help seniors plan meals
    • Planning a single meal can be an involved task. Planning meals for the week can seem impossible, especially as we get older. It’s important to stay on a regular and balanced diet that will provide seniors the strength needed to live independently. Our in-home caregivers can take food inventory and make shopping lists or menus. They can help track with recommendations from your doctor and tailor meals to any medical conditions such as diabetes or high blood pressure.
  • Help seniors shop for groceries
    • Caring for seniors isn’t just about keeping track of what you have and need, but also how you will get it. If you’re unable to go to the store, the caregiver will go and handle your shopping needs.
  • Prepare and cook meals for seniors
    • For seniors who have health or mobility issues, preparing a meal can be very difficult. Our in-home caregivers can prepare the meals for them or simply provide supervision and assistance as needed. They can prepare your elderly loved one’s favorite and familiar foods, offering as much or as little assistance as is needed.
  • Provide companionship for seniors
    • LifeWorx caregivers are available for as little as a few hours per day or as much as live-in when needed. In addition to taking care of basic household chores like cooking and cleaning, they provide conversation and companionship, accompanying your loved one on errands and to lunches, dinners, and shows. They can also communicate with other family members to let them know how your loved one is doing, imparting joy and peace of mind to the individual and his/her relatives.

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