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Ask away - FAQ

Where do you operate?

We service the Greater New York area, including all of New York City, Suffolk, Nassau Duchess, Rockland, and Westchester Counties in New York, Bergen County in New Jersey, and Fairfield and Litchfield County in Connecticut.

What is the history of LifeWorx’s founder?

Bal Agrawal was led to found LifeWorx on the heels of his own personal experience finding good household help. Read more of his story and triumphs here.

Is the company a franchise?

No, LifeWorx is privately owned and operated. Each office offers personal attention to our customers, a local service mindset, and a simple point of contact and care.

Is the company licensed?

Yes, LifeWorx is a licensed Home Health Care Agency in New York, New Jersey, and registered in Connecticut.  

What type of services are offered?

We offer elder care, nannies, housekeepers, and luxury services. These services include but are not limited to live-in, live-out, full time, and part-time care.

How do you determine the type of service I need?

When you call one of our offices, a care team member will get to know you and help you determine what the best needs are for you and your family. 

Do you only serve the elderly?

No, our services extend beyond elder care to anyone who requires home care.

Do you serve people with disabilities?

Yes, we do. Each case is unique, so the best way to find out if we’re a fit for your family, call one of our offices.

What are your hours?

Our caregivers provide services 24/7. They are flexible and can work during the day or night, depending on your family’s needs.

Is there a minimum amount of service hours required?

LifeWorx services range from a minimum of 4 hours once a week to 24/7 live-in care.

Can I make schedule changes if something comes up?

A consistent schedule is helpful; however, once you establish a relationship with your LifeWorx care provider, you will have the flexibility to adjust when the need arises.

Will you coordinate services with other companies and individuals involved in my care?

Our mission is to provide superior service and solutions to our families’ needs. To that end, we will help coordinate with any other agency or entity.

Does your company have insurance?

Yes, LifeWorx is fully insured for all our services.

How will you help protect me and my family from infectious diseases?

In response to the current global health crisis, LifeWorx will continue to take precaution when it comes to the health and safety of the people we care for. We continuously follow and implement recommendations from the CDC. LifeWorx continues to monitor and examine our care providers' health daily, as well as provide all necessary personal protective equipment needed to keep everyone safe. We have provided care for 10 COVID-19 patients and all have recovered while preserving the health of our caregivers.

What kind of details can I prepare before I call LifeWorx?

There is not much preparation needed. We look forward to having an open conversation regarding your loved one’s situation. We will discuss what their needs may be and together we will explore how we can improve their environment, state of health, and overall well being.

If I move, what can you do to help me continue my service?

We have caregivers all over the tri-state area, as well as some who can travel with the family if they relocate or take a lengthy vacation.

What makes LifeWorx different?

LifeWorx specializes in the way we vet our candidates. We are very diligent in our screening process. All of our caregivers undergo background and reference checks, as well as a lengthy interview to assess their skills and personality. We provide quality service to each of our clients and are eager to meet any needs that should arise. In 15 years, we have never had negligence, injury, accident, or theft; and will do all we can to continue building trust, safety, and security.

How quickly can you initiate service?

Depending on the needs of the client, we can start services on the next day. If the need is very specialized, it may take an additional day or two.

What is the difference between live-in and live-out caregivers or nannies?

A live-in is someone who can live in the home with you, be there in case of emergency and/or assist in nighttime responsibilities. Live-in caregivers are there 24 hours a day, but typically have up to 13 working hours and can sleep at night for a minimum of 8 hours, with 5 of them being consecutive. A live-out HHA or nanny or housekeeper is someone who will come and work during the day and leave at the end of the day.

How much notice do you need for a cancellation? For a replacement? For a fill-in?

Typically, the more notice the better but we understand that life happens. Give our local office a call to discuss more and we will help find you a replacement or fill-in based on your needs and concerns.

Does LifeWorx have a nurse on staff?

Yes, LifeWorx has a registered nurse (RN) on staff who does nurse visits, initial assessments, plan of care, medication management, post-surgery care, and medical monitoring for our clients. (Link to Giovanna’s page) Our nurse is licensed in all three states: New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut.

Are you a certified agency?

LifeWorx is a certified home health care agency. We are also among the top 7% of agencies that have CHAP accreditation.

How does LifeWorx screen their caregivers?

All caregivers are meticulously screened through two interviews, reference checks, and background checks to determine if they are eligible to work with LifeWorx clientele. We have six employees devoted to finding the best caregivers through our screening process.

What does your background check include?

We run a 5-point background check on all our candidates, including 50 statewide criminal histories, sex offender’s registry, driving records, and social security. We also have our trust score populated after the candidate's interview.

What qualifications, certifications, experience, and training do you require of your in-home caregivers?

LifeWorx has an extremely rigorous and thorough vetting process. We require at least 2 years of private care experience and at least 2 professional in-home references for our reference manager to speak directly with. Typically, we like for these references to be from the local community where the applicant is looking to provide service. If we like what we hear, we will invite the candidate in for an in-person interview. Here we do a deep dive into their credentials, skills, experiences, as well as who they are as a person. If all goes well, we will run a 50-state criminal background check, check their driving record, as well as build their trust, credibility, and reliability score.

Can we contact the caregivers’ references ourselves?

All references are called in-house and the transcripts can be provided to you. If you still wish to call the references yourself, we can arrange this for you.

Can we see a copy of their background check?

A copy of a candidate’s background check can be sent to you. It is confidential, must be treated as such and deleted after your review.

Where and how do you recruit candidates?

We find our candidates through various sources, including referrals from our candidates, walk-ins, online ads, and open houses.

Who are caregivers?

Caregivers are those who want to help others. They are husbands, wives, adult children, neighbors, friends, or in our case, professionals from a Home Health Care Agency.

How do caregivers help?

Caregivers can help in many ways including, but not limited to, assisting with personal care, medication reminders, housekeeping, meal preparation, and running errands.

How do our caregivers get around?

All our caregivers located in Connecticut, New Jersey, Long Island, and the Westchester area are required to have a means of transportation. Candidates in the New York City area use public transportation and are not required to own a vehicle.

How much does a caregiver cost per hour?

Rates vary by service and need. Contact a LifeWorx representative to discuss details in your area.

Are caregivers insured and bonded and does LifeWorx carry liability insurance?

All LifeWorx services are insured, bonded, carry liability insurance, along with 8 other insurances.

How does LifeWorx stay connected and communicate with a client’s family members who do not live locally?

LifeWorx stays in contact with a client’s family through phone, e-mail, and text. We have a local, simple, and single point of contact.

How frequently do your caregivers update the family?

Our caregivers can update the family as frequently as requested, without overdoing it. Most of our caregivers update the client’s family on a daily or weekly basis.

Does LifeWorx provide back-up coverage?

LifeWorx will provide back-up coverage whenever needed.

Whose vehicle is used for my transportation, yours, or mine?

Caregivers are required to have a car for transportation to and from work if you are in New Jersey, Westchester County, Connecticut, or Long Island. Some families may provide a car to use on the job. If not, the cost of mileage will be reimbursed to you. Please keep in mind you are only reimbursed for mileage used with the client.

How do you replace or change caregivers?

Just as we put careful thought into your initial caregiver, we will continue to do so with added thought to the additional feedback of what does and does not work. We will continue to ensure the best of the best services and will find someone who matches your needs based on their skills, experience, and personality. 

What kind of personalities do your caregivers have?

Our caregivers come from all walks of life and have different personalities, but they are all reliable, compassionate, and experienced. 

What happens if the care provider is sick or not available on a particular day or week?

If a caregiver is unable to work, LifeWorx will work to find coverage for the client.  

Will I have the same care provider all the time?

Yes, LifeWorx works to find you a consistent and reliable care provider. Depending on the level of care and schedule, you may have more than one caregiver working in your home weekly. 

How will I meet my care provider?

If you wish to meet your care provider before services start, we can set up an interview, trial, phone, or video call to determine whether the candidate will be a good fit in your home.

What are ADLs and IADLs?

ADLs are Activities of Daily Living and IADLs are Instrumental Activities of Daily Living. These define life tasks that clients must manage to live at home and be independent.

Are your aids certified?

Most of our caregivers are Home Health Aides (HHAs), Personal Care Aides (PCAs); or Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs). 

Who pays the candidates?

LifeWorx pays the candidates weekly for their services, unless the client wants to manage the administrative and insurance aspects; in that case, the client can pay a one-time placement fee.

What kind of medical services do you provide?

LifeWorx provides home health aide and personal care services, as well as nursing by our registered nurse (RN). This includes nurse visits, an initial assessment, a plan of care, medication management, post-surgery care, and medical monitoring.

What does "companion care" mean?

Companion care focuses on providing emotional support, caregiver assistance, light housekeeping, and companionship to help seniors function independently in their home environment.

Do you provide rehabilitative care?

LifeWorx does not provide rehabilitative care. However, we can recommend a PT specialist that you can work with.

What is hospice? Do you provide hospice care?

Hospice care focuses on the quality of life for people and their caregivers who are experiencing advanced, life-limiting illnesses. Hospice care is compassionate care in the last phases of incurable disease so that the patient may live as fully and comfortably as possible. LifeWorx provides palliative care for the patient and family.

Do you assist the elderly who are in assisted living or other facilities?

Yes, LifeWorx can assist your loved ones in assisted living and senior living facilities. We have excellent relationships with Sunrise, Brookdale, Kandel, Care One, Maplewood, and others.

Will health insurance, Medicare, or Medicaid cover the cost of home health care?

Maybe. LifeWorx is a private pay or long-term care insurance pay agency only.

Do you take health insurance? Aetna/etc.?

LifeWorx accepts private pay and long-term care insurance only. LifeWorx’s team of in-house, long-term care insurance experts take care of all the meticulous paperwork and filing for you. LifeWorx does not accept medical insurance such as United Oxford, Blue Cross, etc., Medicare, or Medicaid.

As a medical professional, I wonder about continued care for my patients. What assurance can you give me?

LifeWorx will help you with a seamless process of fulfilling your patients’ needs by finding a qualified caregiver to help with care. LifeWorx’s registered nurse will oversee care for the patients. Her outstanding communication and diligence will give you the comfort of always being informed about the progress and care.  

What is home care and how does it differ from home health care?

Home care is defined as a non-clinical supportive service such as homemaker and companion. Home care services provide a loved one comfort and quality of in-home living.  

What does “aging in place” mean?

“Aging in place” means that an individual will remain living in her/his own home with some level of independence for the later years, instead of moving into assisted living, nursing home, or a retirement community.

What is long-term care?

Long-term care focuses on services that are designed to meet a person’s health or personal care needs and allow the person to live safely and independently at their home. The most popular type of long-term care is to help with activities of daily living. The most common reason for long term care is a gradual decline in health, which comes with age and prevents the individual to perform activities of daily living on their own. People often seek long term care when they have ongoing frail conditions, or the need can arise suddenly after a stroke or heart attack. 

Do you conduct a home visit before starting the home care service?

Yes, LifeWorx conducts a home visit before starting the home care services. During this visit, the registered nurse will make an initial assessment of the client's condition.

Is there a written plan of care for each client? Do these plans get modified and if so, how often?

Yes, there is a written plan of care for each client that is created by the registered nurse (RN) and communicated to the caregiver and family member. The plan of care is modified as needed, meaning when the condition of the client changes and/or every 3 and 6 months. 

When things go wrong, what can I expect from LifeWorx?

The best part about working with our agency is that we are always here for you. If things go wrong, LifeWorx will be by your side to find an immediate and acceptable solution just give us a call. 

How does the company ensure I am getting the best quality service from my caregiver?

All caregivers are screened thoroughly to determine the quality of their work. Recruiters stay in contact with active workers weekly, and Client Relationship Managers and Directors will stay in contact with clients weekly. If any issues were to arise, they are handled immediately.

What if my caregiver/nanny/housekeeper does not work out?

If your caregiver does not work out, LifeWorx will work with you to determine a new, better fitting candidate. If your nanny or housekeeper does not work out, we offer a 1-week 100% money-back guarantee and a 12-week no-cost replacement guarantee.

How can I learn more about the application process?

You can learn more about our application process by calling the LifeWorx office in your area. Office phone numbers can be found on our website (link LifeWorx.com) under the Contact Us tab. 

What are the minimum requirements for me to be eligible for LifeWorx jobs?

To apply to work at LifeWorx you must be authorized to work in the United States, have at least 2 years of relevant work experience along with 2 professional references, and be at least 20 years old. If applying from NJ, CT, Nassau, Suffolk, and Westchester a driver’s license is required.

Who can I contact if I have other questions about the application process?

Once you have filled out our application, you will be contacted by a member of our recruiting team and this person will become your point of contact. In the case that you have any remaining questions about the application please contact your recruiter.

I forgot my password. How do I reset it?

To reset your password, follow these steps: 

Why do I need to fill out the reference section of the application?

LifeWorx checks your references by making direct contact with your previous employer, it is the first step of our application process and must be completed before we can move forward. 

I have submitted my application. What happens next?

Now that you have submitted your application, please wait for a member of our recruiting team to contact you. They will go over your application and collect additional information as needed.

Is LifeWorx an Equal Opportunity Employer?

Yes, LifeWorx is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Are there currently any job openings near me?

Available positions change daily. Please contact the closest location to you and we would be more than happy to give you more details. 

I am not looking for a job right now, but I will be in the next few months. Can I start the application process now?

Yes, you can start the application process now and let your local recruiter know when you will be available to start. Start the application process by going to  https://register.lifeworx.com/

Do I have to wear scrubs?

Scrubs are not required by LifeWorx. However, the client may request it.

What kind of references does LifeWorx need?

We require private in-home references relevant to the job that you are applying for. We need to be able to speak to a family member of the person you cared for.

How often does LifeWorx pay?

LifeWorx pays every Monday through direct deposit. Pay will be in your account every Tuesday morning unless Monday is a federal holiday, then payment will be in your account on Wednesday.

How much experience do I need to have?

Applicants are required to have a minimum of two years of experience and it needs to be in the most recent two to three years.

What should I do if my availability changes?

You can call your local recruiter to update your availability and profile.

Where are LifeWorx’s jobs?

LifeWorx’s jobs are in the Greater New York area, including all of New York City, Suffolk, Nassau, Duchess, Rockland, and Westchester Counties in New York, Bergen County in New Jersey, and Fairfield and Litchfield County in Connecticut.

Is my personal information kept confidential?

All personal information is confidential and will not be shared with any client, person, or company.

How long does the application process take?

The application process varies in length depending on how long it takes to gather all required documents and information.

Does LifeWorx charge for mileage?

Yes. When a caregiver transports our clients, the mileage is accounted for and invoiced accordingly.

How often does LifeWorx invoice?

LifeWorx invoices on a two-week cycle on Tuesdays, after the close of the two weeks that end on the previous Saturday.

Is there a cost to register with LifeWorx?

Yes. There is an annual membership fee of $200 when beginning services with LifeWorx.

How will I receive my invoice?

Invoices can be received by email, paper mail, or both.

What is the preferred payment method?

ACH payment is the preferred payment method. We also accept payment by check.

Do you accept credit card payments?

LifeWorx does not accept credit card payments.

What are the payment terms for the services provided?

The invoice payment terms are net 15 days after the invoice has been issued.

How do I update my billing information?

Send the updated billing information to accounting@lifeworx.com or call (914) 458-9920 to update.

Does LifeWorx manage the assignment of benefits for its long-term care insurance clients?

Yes. LifeWorx manages the assignment of benefits for its long-term care insurance clients at the client's request.

Can I set up an autopay?

Yes. Autopay can be set up with ACH payment processing.

Am I able to review my invoice before payment is processed?

Yes. LifeWorx will send you the invoices before processing payment if the client would like to review it beforehand.

Are there any penalties for late payments?

Are there any penalties for late payments?


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