864 Lexington Ave
New York, NY, 10065

We are truly dedicated to making matches that last, an important part of that is getting to know you.

Our UES location, in the heart of Manhattan

Being right at the corner of 65th Street and Lexington Avenue on Upper East Side, we see countless people passing by, from elders out for a walk as well as Hunter College students, not to mention thousands of locals. Inside our flagship locale, there’s a wonderful sense of Lenox Hill history. LifeWorx spent six months meticulously restoring the 110-year-old building’s original details, including hand-hewn beams and a beautiful patchwork brick wall. It brings out the philosophy we follow that much beauty can be revealed when an old soul is nurtured and rejuvenated.

Our office’s culture and work focus around the essence of the book “Tuesdays with Morrie”, which is doing meaningful things for others. As Morrie said, “Everyone knows they’re going to die (…) but nobody believes it. If we did, we would do things differently.” A life lived with compassion, love, meaningful and selfless acts, and personal growth through experiences is our mission.

We strive every day to understand our clients and candidates’ needs and fulfill them by listening with compassion and empathy and making sure we deliver on our promises. We never underestimate the impact of what we say and do has on those around you.

Our offices are open door, and we welcome our clients and care providers to meet with us. It’s part of our philosophy of being community-minded and transparent. That’s also why we occupy a ground-floor retail space instead on the upper floor of an office building behind closed doors. Come visit us: you’ll be warmly greeted, and there are chocolates (our founder’ favorite food) too! We also have coffee and coconut water for you, as well as a free copy of the book for you to take… “Tuesdays with Morrie”—we hope it’ll brighten your day.




Our clients have great things to say about our care providers

Christine Shanahan (May 2019)

"Wonderful experience with my LifeWorx Housekeeper . Alicia was not only wonderful, helpful and professional when it came to cleaning and caring for my home but she was a personal savior to me . Home sick with the flu I was unable to leave the house . I was supposed to be on family vacation, and while Alicia was cleaning the home for me she went out of her way to go to the pharmacy, got my medicine and the next day I was able to resume my vacation with my family!"


We are in your neighborhood for a reason

Audrey Clark (July 2018)

"Very helpful and prompt service. I would recommend Lifeworx."


Personalized Service and Trust is our core

Susan Foley (2020)

The Lifeworx staff are experienced, and knowledgeable with the caregiving process. The caregivers they suggested were perfectly suited for my mother-in-law. They were kind, patient, reliable, and knowledgeable. They were a lifesaver for me trying to navigate this very difficult stage of life for my mother-in-law. I highly recommend Lifeworx for anyone in need of care for a loved one.


Our clients tell it like it is.

4.8 out of 5 avg. rating

Lola A., Staten Island, NY, (June 2018)

"I had a wonderful experience with LifeWorx Agency. Ela, Bal, Barbara are very very professional, kind, nice and amazing persons. In my opinion LifeWorks Agency is the best in NYC, Manhattan. They promised to find for me a good job, what I need exactly and did it!!! I'm very satisfied with my job, location and salary. They had worked with me and the family very close, asked me before I started if I agree with everything. I highly recommend this Agency to everyone who is looking for a nanny job. I recommend them to my friends also. I know they will do the best!"

Sara A., Manhattan, Upper East Side (November 2017)

"I visited LifeWorx last week with my mother. I was looking for some help for my elderly mother as my sisters and I all live out of town. My youngest sister visited and met Bal a few weeks before and said he was wonderful. I have never written a review on Yelp before, but I felt compelled to do so after meeting Bal and his staff. If you're looking for help for an elderly person, you could do no better than LifeWorx. There is a genuine warmth in Bal and a sincere desire to provide the best and most apt services possible. His attitude trickles down; everyone we met was warm, engaging, competent, and obviously devoted to providing excellent care. If you live out of town and need to entrust the care of a parent to a stranger (and how scary is that!), LifeWorx is going to be your lifesaver. One more thing-it is often not an easy task to communicate with an organization in NYC. Lifeworx is different. They respond almost immediately to email and are extremely responsible and diligent in their communication. It is gratifying to know that a business like this exists."

Katarzyna A., Amherst, MA (October 2016)

"Usually I don't write any reviews but this time I will. LifeWorx really works! I was looking for a job and visited many places hoped to find a good position. Finally I found LIFEWORX! Right after interview with Ela I knew I am in good hands and they will take care of me. Ela interviewed me not only to know my tools and experience but to be more familiar with my personality and needs as well as my expectations. Also ,I really liked the way the agency checked my references . Very professional and simple. They helped me not only to find the perfect job but also they shortened to the minimum the entire time needed in order to communicate and figured things out with my new boss. People in the agency are very professional and helpful. I already recommend this agency to couple of my friends because as I mentioned before this place really helps people to find what is best for them.
Thank you so much Ela and Barbara!"

Nikita S., Brooklyn, NY (August 2015)

"I recently moved into a new apartment and needed a few things taken care of, including cleaning and AC installation. LifeWorx put us in touch with a handyman named Edison who was absolutely phenomenal. He was on time, worked efficiently, and even offered to fix a few other things he noticed were not working in our apartment.
Our cleaning lady, Alicia, was just as great. When we moved in, the apartment was an absolute mess and Alicia took the time to scrub down the kitchen and bathrooms until it looked like an entirely new apartment. It was a lot of work and I am so grateful LifeWorx was able to put us in touch with her. Will definitely reach out again with future work!"

Karen P., Greenwich Village, Manhattan, NY (February 2015)

"I moved back to New York City 9 or so months ago and knew I needed help. I came back to a big job with lots of travel and lots of hours. I've used different cleaning services before, but they never offered consistency. With all the moving parts on my side, I needed someone to really understand my needs and take care of everything. After some research, I went with LifeWorx. They listened to all of my needs. They presented me with 3 candidates who all seemed capable. One was into organizing, and that put her over the top in my book as I need all the help I can get there. So my part time housekeeper comes on a set couple of days each week. She knows my routine. Together we keep the household running. She takes care of dry cleaning, which is a big time saver. She lets me know when we need more supplies. Having her on a set schedule allows me to have repairs or deliveries that I normally would have had to work from home to accommodate - which is a big deal with my schedule. She does a great job keeping everything clean. To boot, she's become a bit of a part time nanny to my 2 adorable & very friendly cats. Jeanne has been a pleasure to work with as the GM. She follows up when needed a keeps it all running smooth. If you need someone to help keep your house and a bit of your life in order when you're busy working in overdrive, LifeWorxs is great."

Ana G. (May 2019)

"This is an agency which does its job in a professional way. Ela and Christine are very attentive and detail oriented to match clients and employees. I’m really happy I got them as agency who found job for me."

Lali Gogoladze (March 2019)

"I have had good experiences with this agency. They are very professional, especially Ella and Christine. They are very friendly, honest and caring. They found the job that I wanted very quickly and efficiently."

Judith Corkett (March 2019)

"Amazing agency to work for .Christine and Ela are wonderful!! They serve with compassion & excellence!!!"

Gee Secson (February 2019)

"I have had numerous interactions with agencies over the years, but for the first time I felt the professionalism and personalization that made my experience so gratifying. Ella and Christine, of Lifeworx, have demonstrated their true concern for matching qualified candidates with clients. Always willing to clearly and completely address all concerns, insuring the highest quality of care and safety for everyone....*virgilia"


The LifeWorx team


Founder & CEO

I believe in human potential—that with focus and determination, we can do anything we imagine. I am humbled by the talented, bright, and caring …

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Vice President of Operations

My name is Frank DiMaggio and I am Vice President of Operations for our New York, Long Island, Sarasota, and West Palm Beach offices. I am responsible for…

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Client Relations Associate

My name is Kaleigh and I’m a Client Relations Associate at LifeWorx’s Upper East Side office. I’m excited to work with clients to deeply understand …

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Candidate Relations Manager

My name is Zenani Jackson and I am a Candidate Relations Manager. As a Candidate Relations Associate, I strive to find the most compassionate and skilled professionals…

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Ask away - FAQ

Can you give me local references we can speak to?

Yes, we have many local clients who are happy to speak with any potential clients.

Do you help with appointments?

For ongoing services, our caregivers will take clients to doctor appointments, errands, and activities, in their own care if needed, however we do not provide one-off occasional service of this kind in general. We are more setup to provide regular services on an ongoing basis.

How do your caregivers get around?

Most of our caregivers use public transportation.

What type of services are offered at UPPER EAST SIDE, NYC?
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