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Housekeeping Services

Housekeepers – Improving Your Quality of Life

Looking for a house cleaning service but aren’t sure how to hire someone? We’ve got you covered. Whether it’s weekly, or live-in, our full-time housekeepers maintain the home, including daily upkeep, family laundry, ironing clothes and linens, and keeping the pantry stocked. They are happy to help with family errands, grocery shopping and cooking, as well as supervising and managing vendors. In addition, our housekeepers help drive, supervise and care for children, and also attend to family pets.

What Our Housekeeping Clients Say

LifeWorx really did work for us! We had great recommendations and assistance from Barbara who helped us immensely with finding housekeepers who were excellent. We really appreciate her attention to detail and amazing talent to immediately understand what exactly we needed. Thanks to her, we found the right person both times! She is always there to sort out any matter of concern and never hesitates to help in any way needed. I highly recommend LifeWorx and Barbara who made the whole experience wonderful and fruitful , thank you Barbara! So happy and reassuring to have you in our town!

Rumjhum S. (2020)

LifeWorx is one of the best companies I’ve ever worked with. They establish and maintain very good relationships with both clients and staff to provide the highest level of services to exceed clients expectations and also to create the most comfortable work environment for the staffs. My
coordinator Erin is so nice, she’s always ready to assist in resolving any issues that may arise in such a manner that enables both clients and staffs to feel special.

Monica H. (2021)

I have been working with LifeWorx for a while now and it’s great working with them. Amanda is
very good in finding cases for me. This a very nice agency to work for.

Carol W. (2021)

Wonderful experience with my LifeWorx Housekeeper. Alicia was not only wonderful, helpful and professional when it came to cleaning and caring for my home but she was a personal savior to me. Home sick with the flu I was unable to leave the house. I was supposed to be on family vacation, and while Alicia was cleaning the home for me she went out of her way to go to the pharmacy, got my medicine and the next day I was able to resume my vacation with my family!

Christine S. (May 2019)

Working with LifeWorx is the most gratifying experience I’ve had since working in this country. Many employers put themselves first, but LifeWorx puts clients and caregivers ahead of themselves. The company is very professionally managed and they are available for you 24 hours.

Ransford F. (2021)

Working at LifeWorx has been one of the best experiences in my work life. Very professional and passionate about what they do. I love them, great team!

Elene B. (2021)

Highly recommend LifeWorx. They are very dependable and work towards meeting their client’s needs. They have great staff to work with and follow up with their clients.

Alice O. (2021)

They found me the perfect person to help care for my home and my two young children. After going through various other agencies, I never found anyone that even matched what their resumes described. LifeWorx is very thorough in their background checks and resumes of each applicant they sent me. I was lucky enough where the first applicant they sent me was the perfect match! My husband and I are so happy with our housekeeper and it is all thanks to the help of LifeWorx!

Becky S. (2018)

Always happy to help.

Our housekeepers are experienced and trained professionals, all having at least three years of full-time experience. They are experienced in deep and detailed cleaning that will leave your home sparkling. In addition, they are proficient in the care of fine items including antiques, crystal, silver, wood floors, stainless steel, marble, and granite.

Hiring a housekeeper in your area doesn’t have to be a challenge. Let LifeWorx do the work for you! Call or stop by one of our locations today to get started.