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We are the premier five-star-rated, independently owned private pay homecare agency providing concierge elder care & lifestyle services in your community.


How we work

1. Discuss your care needs

Our team asks insightful, personalized questions to truly understand your family’s needs. Using their expertise, they tailor recommendations to ensure you find the ideal care situation.

2. Chat with LifeWorx caregivers

We want you to be comfortable with whoever comes into your home to provide care. Our team can facilitate interviews and conversations with our highly vetted pool of caregivers.

3. Set up an initial appointment

Whether it’s to try out our services, or to start long-term care, we’ll send the best of the best to your home and will always stay in touch to see how services are going.


We’re Close To Home

What Our Clients Say

I feel so lucky that my mother is being taken care of by aides from LifeWorx. We found the service through her long-term care insurance provider, which requires a licensed agency to qualify for reimbursement. My mother only needs part-time care, and LifeWorx was the only one of the recommended agencies willing to do half-days. When I first started this process, I was worried about how difficult or stressful it might be, but working with LifeWorx has eased my mind in every way.

Carin G. (2023)

LifeWorx has been indispensable for me and my sisters in helping to find excellent caregivers for our 90-year-old mom. Mom has some cognitive difficulties but was resistant to accepting a caregiver in her home. The 2 caregivers chosen by our mom, Aby and Cynthia, have been caring, reliable, and trustworthy, helping in so many ways that have improved her safety and quality of life, while still being able to live independently in her apartment. We are grateful to Lifeworx and these caregivers for their commitment and assistance.

Gordon M. (2023)

LifeWorx has been a fantastic resource in caring for my 94-year-old mother with live-in help. My mom was matched with a woman who is qualified, caring, knowledgeable, and is attentive to my mother’s every need. She manages to do it in a way that gives my mother the independence she is capable of and desires. Brian is dependable and reassuring; whenever we’ve had changes to our schedule he and his team have always come through with alternative care as needed. If you are looking for care, I would not hesitate to recommend LifeWorx.

Leslee K. (2023)

When I contacted LifeWorx, I got an immediate response. My mother was quickly matched with a companion and we were set up with an interview. I thought it would be quick and formal, but I was pleasantly surprised that both Jeff and the companion took their time to chat with my mother to see if there would be a personality fit. It was very comfortable! My mom had a match and looks forward to her weekly visits! When I have questions, Jeff quickly responds and is eager to help if there are any problems or changes needed. 100% satisfied!

Jaimi W. (2022)

The LifeWorx team worked with us to match the perfect companion to our family. Kevin is professional and experienced which enabled him to very quickly adjust to my husband’s specific needs. He is energetic and friendly and fits right into a household that not only includes a dog and a cat but also occasional visits from young grandchildren. We have worked with companions extensively over the last three+ years and I would rate this experience as among our best, we highly recommend LifeWorx to any potential client.

Dianne K. (2022)

This agency has been an absolute life saver. We needed live-in care for our difficult elderly parent and LifeWorx has found us aides who are exceptional, who go above and beyond to problem-solve, and who have stayed with us over time. We felt like the candidates they sent us were noticeably a cut above other agencies we tried. Fantastic. I’d definitely recommend this agency.

Dawn C. (2022)

We needed to hire 24-hour assistance for my 94-year-old father in law who is living in an assisted living environment but closer supervision was required after repeated falls. We found LifeWorx after reading reviews online. We cannot say enough good things about them. David, who is with my father in law 5 days a week, has just been fantastic. He’s been an advocate for his health and mobility as well as compassionate and kind. The agency was very responsive in finding the right people to work with him. All of this AND very reasonable for this care as well. I do not freely give reviews but this agency and their people deserve the accolades.

Barbara B. (2020)

The team at LifeWorx are just incredible! Our family has been SO lucky to have the most caring compassionate, patient and well trained aides working with our elderly parents. Would recommend them to anyone who needs assistance! Brian and Jose run an incredible ship!! Thank you LifeWorx!

Allison L. (2022)

We could not be happier with the service and attention we have received from LifeWorx. The team took their time getting to know our family and understand our needs. The candidates are professional, qualified, and hand-picked to suit your loved-one’s needs. The caregivers they have provided to assist our father have been flexible and accommodating, and have become kind companions. Whether you need part time assistance or full time care for a loved one, we highly recommend LifeWorx. The peace of mind they provide is priceless.

E.G F. (2019)

LifeWorx has been steadfast in providing assistance for my 90 year old father for over 3+ years now. We have the utmost confidence in everyone from LifeWorx who walks through his door. The homemakers quickly become “family” and always go the extra mile to make sure that all of my father’s needs are met and more importantly, they are able to anticipate what will be needed next and they prepare for it. Barbara is very responsive. I am not sure that I have ever worked with anyone who is more so! She always responds to me almost immediately and is a key piece to our entire system working as well as it does. You simply cannot do better than LifeWorx!

Jackie S. (2019)

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