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Companion Care

Sometimes the best care is simply having someone there.

Most seniors want to be independent and will welcome live-in care only if they feel good about the chemistry. That’s why at LifeWorx, we focus on finding a caregiver who really “clicks” with your loved one. They’ll feel more like a friend than a service provider.

Building new bonds

We’re here for you

The Problem

After dedicating 44 years to nursing, Laura faced the reality of Alzheimer’s impacting her daily life. Juggling the roles of a working mother of three, her daughter, Sarah, stepped up to care for her mother, inviting her into their home. However, the challenges soon became overwhelming for Sarah, especially when Laura set off the fire alarm, raising concerns for her safety. Sarah contacted LifeWorx seeking help for a couple of four-hour shifts per week so she could focus on the apartment they were building in their home for Laura to continue living with them.

The Solution

Laura, initially hesitant, found comfort in LifeWorx caregiver Tina’s gentle approach. After Laura had become more familiar with Tina, Sarah decided to adjust the care schedule to eight hours, five days week. During this time, LifeWorx managed logistics with Laura’s Long-Term Care Insurance, giving Sarah time for her family and career. Now living in Sarah’s home, Laura’s condition has improved with the exceptional care given 13 hours per day by Tina and Jude, her weekend caregiver. Sarah enjoys peace of mind and more time with her family.


Hours per day of companion care.

Laura’s condition improved and Sarah gained peace-of-mind.

What Our Companion Care Clients Say

When I contacted LifeWorx, I got an immediate response. My mother was quickly matched with a companion and we were set up with an interview. I thought it would be quick and formal, but I was pleasantly surprised that both Jeff and the companion took their time to chat with my mother to see if there would be a personality fit. It was very comfortable! My mom had a match and looks forward to her weekly visits! When I have questions, Jeff quickly responds and is eager to help if there are any problems or changes needed. 100% satisfied!

Jaimi W. (2022)

Barbara Davidoff has worked diligently with me to find the right companion assistance for my husband who has Parkinson’s. After a couple of trials that didn’t fit the bill, she made sure to find a good candidate. Barbara almost seems like a family member.

Lucy S. (2021)

The LifeWorx team worked with us to match the perfect companion to our family. Kevin is professional and experienced which enabled him to very quickly adjust to my husband’s specific needs. He is energetic and friendly and fits right into a household that not only includes a dog and a cat but also occasional visits from young grandchildren. We have worked with companions extensively over the last three+ years and I would rate this experience as among our best, we highly recommend LifeWorx to any potential client.

Dianne K. (2022)

LifeWorx has provided my mom with companion care for over a year. She was initially reluctant to admit she needs help but is very happy to have Vanessa. LifeWorx and their team has proven to be a big help for me as moms needs are taken care of. These include taking her to appointments, grocery store etc. I don’t know what I would do without them.

Kim A. (May 2019)

Quickly and easily found the perfect companion for my elderly mother who has some dementia. The caregiver is bright, responsible, caring and flexible. My mother can’t stop talking about how lovely she is.

Diane G. (April 2019)

I am pleased to write a 5 star review for LifeWorx. My mother had COVID in March, requiring 24hr care in her senior facility. I called many agencies and the only caring agency that responded swiftly was LifeWorx. They were able to get me a compassionate companion for my mother which avoided my mother from being hospitalized. She has recovered and LifeWorx continuously makes sure that my mother has the help she needs. The workers are kind and compassionate and make every effort to make a connection with their client.

Susan S. (2021)