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Companion Care For Seniors: What to Expect?

By Jessica Deng

There comes a time in our lives where we may notice our parents, grandparents, or other beloved seniors are unable to fully care for themselves. While your loved one may not be ready for a full-time nursing home, they would need extra assistance with everyday activities such as light housekeeping and companionship.Elderly companion care is not meant to take the place of medical care Instead, a level of emotional support as well as physical assistance. This type of care offers your senior the chance to build a relationship with friendly caregivers who are able to spend time with your loved one or engaging in a variety of activities. Today, we’ll explore the benefits of companion care and what is included in it.

Companions provide a variety of beneficial services, and it makes life more manageable for older adults. Below are some benefits and advantages of having companionship:

  • Quality of life – companionship goes beyond just caregiving and is a symbiotic relationship that enables a senior to thrive. On a social level, having friends and companions enables people to talk about challenges, express grief, and to find resources to solve problems.
  • Safety – Each year, thousands of adults over the age of 65 are susceptible to falling – causing serious injuries and sometimes death. Fortunately, a companion can help ensure the safety of an aging adult. They can prevent home accidents and increase the safety of the environment.
  • Independence for aging adults – Older adults value their independence, and they should have the opportunity to live as independently as possible for as long as possible. Companion care can help make that happen, by providing basic services such as emotional support.
  • Partnership during recreational activities – If your elderly family member enjoys activities like playing cards or board games, your loved one may find that these activities are lot more enjoyable when they have someone with them. Caregivers are able to spend time with your senior and play games, engage in crafting activities, or offer countless other types of support during recreational activities.

If you think an in-home caregiver might benefit your family, contact our care team for a free consultation. LifeWorx caregivers are thoughtfully selected to ensure that their skills and personalities will be the best fit for your loved one. Many of our caregivers have developed meaningful relationships with our clients and have improved their quality of life.

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