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MedicAlert Awareness Month: Why do Medic Alert IDs Matter for The Elderly?

By Jessica Deng

August has been designated as MedicAlert Awareness Month, dedicated to educating the public on the needs and uses of Medic Alert IDs. Medical alert ID’s have been around for decades, however not all of us know their maximum potential yet.These IDs are essentially important for people living alone it also helps medical personnel recognize medical conditions, medications, allergies, etc. and helps to avoid medical errors that can be fatal.

As we age, we become more susceptible to injury, illness, and emergencies. Whether or not medical alert bracelets are right for your senior is ultimately up to the senior themselves and if, appropriate the caregiver. Today, we’ll touch on why Medic Alert IDs matter for the elderly. Below are ways MedicAlert IDs are used:

  • To provide quick recognition of any medical conditions you may have. This includes allergies, medications you take, and treatments that you have agreed to.
  • It is vital for people who have life-threatening or potentially dangerous medical conditions to wear a notification in case of an emergency.
  • Your ID is there if you are unresponsive. Medical personnel can access your information quickly.
  • For anyone with a chronic or disabling medical condition, a Medic Alert ID can be a lifesaver. Should you be in an accident or have a medical emergency while out in public, personnel will be immediately available.

Medical Alert IDs can serve as a vital, life-saving alert system for an aging loved one. Here are some reasons why Medic Alert IDs should matter for seniors:

  • It eliminates unnecessary trips to the hospital.
    • If your aging loved one has a severe medical condition, you want them to limit the number of trips you make to the hospital. The medical alert bracelet alerts the doctor on the critical instances that your loved one requires attention. This will save you and your loved one time and cost.
  • In case of emergencies, the Medical Alert bracelet speaks for the elderly.
    • A medical bracelet acts as a second mouth for a loved one in situations they cannot talk. If your loved one doesn’t have a medical alert bracelet and the caregiver isn’t there either, the medical personnel might administer medication which will worsen the situation.
  • It protects a senior from potentially harmful medical errors.
    • Medical emergencies can arise anywhere, especially if your loved one has a specific medical condition. How do medical alert bracelets protect a patient from potential medical errors? They provide information to the doctor about the kind of allergies or conditions a patient may have. That way, the doctor knows what treatments to avoid.
  • It informs the Medical Personnel of Preexisting Medical conditions.
    • If your aging loved one suffers from medical conditions such as COPD, cancer, kidney failure, and epilepsy, among others, it’s crucial to have a medical bracelet. It not only informs the doctor of your preexisting medical conditions before administering treatment. Besides, in case you would collapse or have a medical emergency, those around you will give the appropriate first aid procedures before getting you to a medical facility.

Medical ID bracelets serve many purposes, but their main objective is to allow healthcare professionals and first responders to get an in-depth view of the patient’s medical condition and history so that the right treatment can be administered without delay. When the time comes to consider home care for your loved one or more information on private home care, please contact LifeWorx’s qualified home care professionals to ease the burden.