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Ask The Expert

Ask The Expert: Interview with Uncluttered

By Jessica Deng

Uncluttered is the premiere home concierge service designed to simplify life’s transitions. The team at Uncluttered goes above and beyond in specializing in downsizing, divorce, and other family disruptions, providing professional guidance and resources when you need them the most.Uncluttered was launched in June 2023 and is based in New York City and serves throughout the Tri-State area and Florida. From sorting, packing, and organizing, to coordinating relocations and space redesigns, Uncluttered offers a comprehensive suite of services.

Join us this month as we spoke with Hillary Cooper, Founder and President of Uncluttered, as she shares her background and journey as a home concierge and transition expert.

LifeWorx: Tell us the story behind your business. How did Uncluttered begin?

Hillary: Uncluttered began with my own experience of needing to move 6 times in 8 years as a single mother with 2 young children. I had to orchestrate streamlining all of our belongings so that only what mattered most to us, moved with us. Having done it for myself, I know firsthand how to do it for someone else.

LifeWorx: What’s a project you’re currently working on right now? Why is it meaningful to you?

Hillary: Currently I am working on a project that is taking me between Boca Raton, Florida and Short Hills,New Jersey. I am uncluttering a home for a divorcing couple, the husband is transitioning part time to the apartment in Boca that his parents left him. The goal is to avoid a storage unit! Instead it’s all about transforming his parent prior space into a welcome home for his next chapter. This is so gratifying for me to watch as the Boca apartment gets a new life and his own decorating imprint. Preserving his parent’s memory while welcoming his adult children into a refreshed space to come and visit, like they did when they were kids visiting their grandparents.LifeWorx: What experiences have contributed to your success in this career and what would you have done differently?

 Hillary: I believe that my own life experiences are what have set me up for success in my career. My multiple moves with my children, both during the pandemic and during my divorce, have taught me the value of keeping only what brings you joy. Stuff only weighs you down and causes storage anxiety! I probably would have taken more pictures of art projects sooner and never hung onto my Hamptons storage unit for that “One day I will possibly need this” moment.

LifeWorx: What aspect of your role do you enjoy most at Uncluttered?

Hillary:  I enjoy people, their stories and I love to tell my story. This is indeed the essence of Uncluttered. I gently advise to my clients: your memories are never going anywhere. We can digitize all of it and your stories will live on without the burden of excess stuff.

LifeWorx: What advice do you have for our elderly clients and their families when facing a transition in their lives?

Hillary: My biggest piece of advice to elderly clients and their families is to unclutter sooner rather than later. You don’t want your children (and grandchildren) to have the burden of handling your years of collections but rather to spend quality time with you enjoying life in the present.

Stay tuned for our article next month as part of our Ask The Expert series!

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