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Ask The Expert

Ask The Expert: Interview with Concierge Health

By Jessica Deng

Presented in Partnership with the Concierge Health

Concierge Health was founded to help clients and families focus on enjoying the silver years of life and well-earned retirement. Concierge care managers provide solutions to all your healthcare management needs and serve as a conduit for clients and families as they navigate complicated healthcare systems; care managers prevent re-hospitalizations.Join us this month as we spoke with Co-Founders and Co-Presidents Dana Reisch and Sheila Kolt of Concierge Health, as they share about their private care management practice, wealth of knowledge, and experience in health care management.

LifeWorx: Tell us about your journey into the healthcare industry. How did Concierge Health begin? 

Concierge Health: We both began our careers, directly upon completing graduate school, within New York City’s major hospital systems. We also held employment within nursing and rehabilitation centers, assisted living facilities, and home healthcare companies. Additionally, we had both been in private practice for psychotherapy.  Following more than a decade working within healthcare, we learned how fragmented the system was and how both seniors and those with chronic illnesses often slipped through the cracks.  Our patients themselves served as the catalysts for starting Concierge Health; they needed managers, advocates, and point persons for all of their healthcare needs.  We then embarked on a journey as entrepreneurs that would raise the bar in healthcare management to a higher standard of quality care. Customer service, client satisfaction, and going above and beyond for clients and their families are of utmost importance to Concierge Health’s mission.​

LifeWorx: Could you describe your day-to-day as a Co-Founder and Co-President of Concierge Health?

Concierge Health: As the Co-Founders and Co-Presidents of Concierge Health, each day is completely unique!  We have multifaceted roles including operations, clinical management, business development, and marketing.  Each Tuesday we oversee dedicated supervision and in-service trainings for the entire Concierge Health clinical team. We also have multiple appointments a week with various healthcare companies, hospitals, rehabilitation centers, law firms, and financial institutions.

 LifeWorx: What inspires you about the momentum in healthcare management and research today?

Concierge Health: It has been remarkable to see patients with the same diagnosis from 20 years ago vs. today, living significantly longer lives and with far better quality of life.  Advances in pharmaceuticals and oncology, stroke, and HIV/AIDs treatments have been astounding.  Seeing the transition from illnesses, once deemed death sentences to now chronic illnesses, makes this work even more meaningful.

LifeWorx: What aspect of your role do you enjoy most at Concierge Health? 

Concierge Health: There is nothing more rewarding than advising and supporting families and clients at their most vulnerable times and during pivotal points within their disease process.  We are additionally honored to provide palliative, hospice, and end-of-life services to our clients and families.

LifeWorx: What are three 3 takeaways that our community should know about healthcare management?

Concierge Health:

  • When seeking to hire a care management firm, prospective clients should hire a group with team members specific to their region. We cover the 5 boroughs of New York City, Westchester County, NY, and Fairfield County, CT.  Team members live within each of these regions and have a vast understanding of the healthcare resources available in each area.
  • When hiring a healthcare manager, prospective clients should only hire care managers with strong clinical backgrounds. Concierge Health only employs licensed social workers and registered nurses, with backgrounds in chronic disease management and the senior population.  Both company owners sit on the board of the Aging Life Care Association and ideally recommend hiring certified care managers/aging life care professionals.
  • When hiring a care management firm, you get far more than your dedicated clinician. You are hiring liaisons that will connect you to a vast network of pre-vetted industry professionals.

Stay tuned for our article next month as part of our Ask the Expert series!

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