The LifeWorx Guide to Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care

Since 2004, LifeWorx has specialized in Alzheimer’s and dementia elderly care and has been consistently finding ways to simplify the process for our caregivers and clients.

This resource guide is intended to answer your questions and offer suggestions as needed. Our Care Consultants are available to help you understand how best to serve your loved one and how to proceed during this difficult time.

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What are the signs of "normal" aging?

As we age, many of us will start to experience subtle changes in our bodies. These changes are part of the normal aging process and are nothing to be ashamed of. Below are some significant changes that are considered in our field as “normal” –

  • Eyesight
    • Over time, the lenses in our eyes get less flexible, which can negatively affect our vision. You might find you need glasses or contacts to help you see. At present, macular degeneration is incurable but treatable.
  • Hearing
    • It may be more difficult to hear tones and frequencies at extreme ends of the spectrum. Changes in tone and speech may also be harder to distinguish.
  • Bones
    • Once we hit a certain age, the minerals in our bones start to disappear faster than we can replace them. This may lead to more fragile bones and could even cause you to get shorter.
  • Weight
    • Your body weight may fluctuate. It will be different for everyone, but the general trend for most people is an increase in weight until middle age, where it remains relatively stable generally between the ages of 40-60 when it starts decreasing slightly.
  • Metabolism
    • Our metabolism starts to slow down as we age. While this means we use less energy and need fewer calories, it could also mean medicines and alcohol are not processed as quickly. Talk to your doctor and determine if your medication needs to be adjusted.

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