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Alzheimer’s & Dementia Care

For Alzheimer’s and dementia patients, continuity is everything

No illness is more debilitating and worrisome than Alzheimer’s or dementia. It’s heartbreaking when your parent fails to recognize you, or his or her personality changes. It also makes the caregiving process a bit more challenging, so our Alzheimer’s care professionals always account for the illness-related behavior.

We’ve worked with Dr. Howard Fillit, a geriatrician, neuroscientist, innovative philanthropy executive and founder of The Alzheimer’s Drug Discovery Foundation, to inform best practices for Alzheimer’s and dementia patients.

A timeless story

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The Problem

Melody, who has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, was under the full-time care of LifeWorx for over five years when, one sunny spring Saturday, we received an urgent call from her daughter, Brittany. In her voicemail, Brittany expressed the need for an immediate callback. Upon reaching her, we discovered that overnight, Melody had lost her mobility. She could no longer walk or stand on her own, marking a significant and unexpected shift in her care requirements. The aides and the home were unprepared for this level of care and Melody needed additional support.

The Solution

We sprang into action, sourcing an additional aide to support the existing caregivers with the new physical demands and round-the-clock care. Once this was arranged, we coordinated with a medical equipment provider to supply necessary devices and training for the aides.

Witnessing a parent’s transformation can be emotionally challenging, especially when faced with the daunting task of finding ways to assist them. At LifeWorx, we are dedicated to adapting and guiding you through the evolving needs of your loved ones. We aim to alleviate your burdens by offering exceptional care providers, informed insights, and access to a network of medical professionals and care managers, making the journey more navigable.

Immediate need for round-the-clock care.

Improved Melody’s quality of life despite loss of mobility.

What Our Clients Say

The team at LifeWorx are just incredible! Our family has been SO lucky to have the most caring compassionate, patient and well trained aides working with our elderly parents. Would recommend them to anyone who needs assistance! Brian and Jose run an incredible ship!! Thank you LifeWorx!

Allison L. (2022)

When I contacted LifeWorx to help find elder care for my parents, they found three highly qualified candidates for me to interview. They told me I would have a hard time choosing between the three of them and boy were they right! All three had different qualities and personalities that would suit my parents. The caregiver we chose is wonderful, and has made my parent’s lives so much easier. Thank you LifeWorx!

Linda G. (2019)

Quickly and easily found the perfect companion for my elderly mother who has some dementia. The caregiver is bright, responsible, caring and flexible. My mother can’t stop talking about how lovely she is.

Diane G. (April 2019)

LifeWorx is a very reliable service. I just hired full time care for my elderly mom. Brian sent us several profiles to review and we chose a few for in person interviews and picked a wonderful competent caring woman to move in with my mom. And another wonderful woman for weekends.

Lynne B. (May 2019)