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Your Guide to Essential Mother’s Day Gifts She Will Love

By Jessica Deng

It’s hard to believe that Mother’s Day is just days away. With Mother’s Day approaching, you might feel overwhelmed, and it can feel harder as your loved one ages, as she might be experiencing mental and physical health changes.Although you may feel like your options are limited there are plenty of gifts available that are practical and essential. At LifeWorx, we understand the importance of celebrating Mother’s Day and want to help everyone show their love and appreciation. In this article, we’ve come up with 7 gift ideas that are great for the special women in your life.

  • A nice day outside
    • Most moms of any age will see time with their family as one of the best gifts they could receive. Think about activities your mom loves to do – particularly any that she may have had a hard time doing if she’s living in an assisted living community – and plan a day filled with pastimes she’ll love, such as a trip to her favorite restaurant or visit a spa or museum.
  • The gift of time
    • Give her the gift of time, your time. Plan to visit your loved one on a regular basis. Many senior mothers and women simply enjoy spending time with their families, and this could be the perfect Mother’s Day gift for her.
  • A meal at her favorite restaurant
    • An easy way to show how much you appreciate a special woman in your life is to take her out to eat at her favorite restaurant for lunch or dinner. You can enjoy each other’s company over a nice meal and catch up on any important news in each other’s lives. If your loved one would rather stay in or can’t make it to a restaurant, try cooking some of her favorite foods yourself.
  • Share a hobby
    • Does your mother have a hobby that you’ve never really understood or want to learn more about? Mother’s Day could be the perfect time to change that. Whatever the hobby may be, your mom would be delighted to share her interests with you.
  • Books or Games for Mental Ability and Creativity
    • If your mother loves game books, like crossword puzzles, and sudoku, find her some new games and books. She may enjoy adult coloring books she can color alone or with others. Puzzles and games are a tactile and engaging source of entertainment for many older adults for those with cognitive struggles.
  • A self-care basket
    • With a self-care basket, your mom can spend time relaxing and pampering herself in the comfort of her own home or space. If it’s harder to get out and about, a self-care basket is a great gift for homebound mothers. All you need is a decorative basket and some great and personal items to fill it with.
  • A digital picture frame
    • If your mom’s residence is lacking in personal touches, images of fond memories with friends and family can be just the right gift to make her place feel like home. If your mom has a limited amount of space, a digital picture frame is a great choice as you can upload many images to the frame while making the most of the available space.

Mother’s Day is all about spending time with your mom or a motherly figure in your life and time is ultimately the best gift, whether you live apart, a phone call or video chat will mean as much as any gift. With these gift recommendations, life will become even more comforting and exciting for your mom. Happy Mother’s Day to you and yours!

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