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Prioritizing Self-Care During the Holiday Season

By Jessica Deng

The holiday season is often seen as a time of joy and togetherness; of family and friends gathering and celebrating together. However, the holiday season can also bring additional stress and busyness for both caregivers and seniors.  Planning, preparing for events, decorating, and then meeting the needs of those whom you are caregiving for can be overwhelming.

Self-care may feel like another item on your seemingly endless to-do list, but it is essential during the holiday season and beyond. One aspect of self-care is maintaining a healthy work/life balance and managing holiday stress. Everyone around you will benefit from that positive energy when you feel better. Today, we’re sharing some practical tips for balancing busyness, stress, and exhaustion during the holiday season.

  • Put off non-essential activity until after the holiday season
    • The holidays can feel like endless parties, gift shopping, and hosting. Don’t try to overdo anything or over-commit. Look at your to-do list and prioritize what truly should be done during the holiday season and what can be delegated to accomplish after the first of the new year.
  • Delegate responsibilities and activities
    • There’s nothing wrong with trying to do things yourself. List responsibilities that are the ones only you can do. Responsibilities outside of those can be delegated to family members. Enlist help from close friends or hire out if you can.
  • Find time for self-care
    • As a caregiver, you may feel as if your only priority is taking care of the person in your charge. While providing proper care means devoting your time and attention to others, don’t forget to think about yourself. If you don’t take care of your own needs, then you can’t properly provide for another person’s needs, so make time for self-care.
  • Keep holiday activities simple
    • Traveling, gift-giving, and dealing with difficult family members can all be tremendously stressful both for caregivers and the people they care for. If you’re going to be caring for a loved one this holiday season, it’s okay to say no to certain holiday events; your family will understand.
  • Simplify holiday spending, traditions, cooking, or gatherings
    • Watch a holiday movie, read a book, or do an activity you normally don’t do because of your schedule. If you can do some of these while caregiving, do so. Give yourself permission to work less, relax, and laugh more.
  • Consider Respite Care
    • During the holidays, respite stays may be the perfect option for those who need respite care services for elderly loved ones on a short-term basis. This allows home caregivers the ability to travel, start a new job, recuperate from an illness, or have the time to manage the hectic schedule of the holidays.

If you need assistance in tackling all the things that come with the holiday season, LifeWorx can help. Our non-medical home care services can provide support whether it’s for a few hours or a few days during the height of the holidays or regularly throughout the New Year. We at LifeWorx are wishing you peace and happiness during the upcoming holiday season!

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