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Ask The Expert

National Physical Therapy Month: Interview with Susan Servetnick with Back into Balance

By Jessica Deng

Presented in Partnership with Back into Balance

It’s National Physical Therapy Month and it is a great time to be reminded of the benefits of physical therapy and to celebrate physical therapists, PT assistants, PT students, and everyone who is involved in the profession of physical therapy.This month, we had a fantastic opportunity to meet with Susan Servetnick, licensed physical therapist for 35 years and founder of Back into Balance which was first founded over 30+ years ago. We are so thankful to have had this chance to learn more about Back into Balance and embrace the spirit of National Physical Therapy Month not just in October, but throughout the entire year.

LifeWorx: Tell us about your team and what piqued your interest in physical therapy and/or healthcare as a career.

Susan: We have a very collaborative team of physical therapists who all share the same passion in helping people feel well and function better.

LifeWorx: How would you describe Back into Balance’s philosophy?

Susan: Education and prevention are the cornerstone of our philosophy to strategically manage the aging process. We provide individualized care by completing a thorough 75-minute evaluation in a private room and then creating a personalized exercise treatment program based on evaluative findings. We are dedicated problem solvers who work collaboratively as a team to help resolve the challenges our patients face.LifeWorx: Describe your day-to-day life as a physical therapist.

Susan: We connect with each patient differently and therefore every day is different in our office- whether we are out making house calls or walking with patients in Central Park during our Urban Trekkers group exercise class. We see patients individually in our office, in their homes, or virtually for 60 minutes. Treatment can include – exercise and balance instruction, transfer training, manual work, massage therapy, functional training for home setting and daily activities. We educate our patients and their caregivers about safety in their homes and fall prevention.

LifeWorx: Can you share a feel-good story about helping the elderly with physical therapy?

Susan: Our team loves to celebrate our patient successes at our weekly team meeting. We enjoy seeing our patients smile when they accomplish something they didn’t think was possible such as getting off a chair easily, so they feel comfortable going to a restaurant, dancing at a grandchild’s wedding or feeling more confident and balanced walking. We help our patients live a fuller life!

LifeWorx: What are three 3 takeaways that our community should know about physical therapy?

Back into Balance:
1. PT is a necessary preventive measure for aging gracefully. The time is now to take care of your body and not wait until there is pain or a decrease in function or mobility.
2.  Our PTs are problem solvers and can examine your daily routine and help you continue to live your life to the fullest participating in the activities you enjoy and matter most.
3. Keep moving! Daily exercise is essential to deter the effects of aging on the body. Consistency is key and even a little exercise counts!

Back into Balance is a boutique Physical Therapy practice located in the Upper East Side of New York City and is now serving the Hamptons! They provide an hour of 1:1 Physical Therapy by an experienced physical therapist in their private office or in the comfort of a patient’s home. The team at Back into Balance are dedicated healers who provide and restore balance back into a patient’s daily life and activities.

Stay tuned for our article next month as part of our Ask the Expert series!

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