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Alzheimer’s & Dementia

Alzheimer’s Disease Awareness Month: Creating a Calm and Soothing Environment for Loved Ones with Alzheimer’s

By Jessica Deng

November is a time when families begin gathering for the holiday season, but it is also National Alzheimer’s Awareness Month – a time to foster awareness of Alzheimer’s disease, which stands as the most prevalent cause of dementia among older adults. Alzheimer’s Disease is a degenerative brain disease and the most common cause of dementia.To help drive awareness of the disease and minimize disruptions to a person – we want to share creative ways to create a calm and soothing space for dementia patients.

  • Keep frequently used items readily available – for someone who is living with dementia, losing items can be incredibly stressful. Therefore, it is a good idea to ensure that items are easy to find and within a reaching distance. Adding labels or stickers on the cupboards, listing what can be found within them will help eliminate stress they may feel when looking for something.
  • Reduce noise – Sound, including background noises, can cause unnecessary stress on a person living with dementia. Similarly, if outdoor noise becomes too much for a person living with dementia, keep windows shut. Silence can also be disorienting to people with dementia. Therefore, gentle, and soft background noise can be calming.
  • Minimize clutter – clutter can be confusing and overwhelming for someone with dementia. Try to keep surfaces clear and be free of unnecessary items.
  • Improve lighting – Lighting is incredibly important for people living with dementia. Ensure that each room a senior loved one may enter is well-lit, with natural light whenever feasible or highly wattage lightbulbs.
  • Post large colorful signs – Posting bright-colored signs with words or images directly above or near places like doors, bathrooms, or staircases can be easy to read, which can be helpful.
  • Create a calming retreat – when life starts to become stressful, having a specially created place for the senior to go to de-stress can work wonders in restoring peace. They must have a place to retreat to when they are feeling stressed or anxious. This might be a specific room, or just a comfortable corner with several soothing activities – whatever produces peace and relaxation for the older adult.
  • Proper temperature and humidity regulation – most people adjust their thermostats according to their comfort levels, but individuals with dementia cannot always regulate their body temperatures this way. High humidity can also create an uncomfortable and dangerous situation for someone with Alzheimer’s disease.

It is possible to care for Alzheimer’s and dementia patients at home if the right home modifications and improvements are in place to ensure their safety and comfort. Whether you’re making small modifications to the home or implementing larger changes, such as handrails or grab bars, every little bit helps.

If you need more information or support, contact us today for advice on how to care for someone living with dementia or read our Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care guide.

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