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7 Activities and Exercises to Improve Memory and Cognition

By Jessica Deng

As our loved one’s age, physical health is still important it becomes increasingly important to keep their minds sharp and active. Although the brain gets plenty of exercise every day, certain activities may help boost brain function and connectivity. This can be done through cognitive activities that help improve memory, problem-solving skills, and communication abilities.Cognitive skills refer to the way our brain works – how we process and recall information. Here are a few cognitive skills that impact your daily life:

  • Thinking
  • Speaking
  • Learning
  • Reading and writing
  • Using critical thinking skills
  • Remembering events, experiences, and more

This article outlines 7 activities that may help boost memory, cognition, and creativity.

  • Reading and writing
    • One of the best ways to keep a loved one’s mind active is by reading books. Reading books can help improve memory skills and understanding of complex concepts. Furthermore, writing also helps with memory recall and can be a fun way for loved ones to express themselves creatively.
  • Meditation
    • Meditation generally involves focusing attention in a calm and controlled way. Meditating may have multiple benefits for both the brain and the body.
  • Gardening
    • Gardening is an excellent activity for seniors. It can improve overall physical health as well as brain health and it’s particularly good for seniors who need to find a way to bring down blood pressure or reduce anxiety and symptoms. Gardening is a physical activity and it requires problem-solving skills and can engage almost all the senses.
  • Board games
    • Everyone loves board games! Strategic games like Chess and Checkers are great for working out those mental muscles. Both games are beneficial in strengthening logical reasoning and problem-solving among elderly players.
  • Socialization
    • While it may seem basic, having an engaging conversation and socializing with others is a helpful way for seniors to stay mentally active. Although many seniors tend to avoid over-socialization as they age or their memory starts to fade, these personal interactions can benefit them tremendously.
  • Learning a new language
    • Learning a new language might sound a little daunting, but challenging our brains is the best way to enhance brain health and reduce the impact of aging.
  • Listening to music
    • Music is incredibly therapeutic not only for the brain but also for the whole body. Listening to music regularly can improve sleep, reduce pain, and blood pressure, decrease depression, improve your immune function, and reduce the symptoms of diseases.

Stimulating the brain with fun and interesting activities will keep the brain healthy for a longer period. It’s important to make a loved one’s physical and mental health a priority. As one of the top leading elder care service providers, we can help minimize age-related cognitive decline and improve their brain health to stay sharp. Our private caregiver services range from long-term care to companion care, for the elderly and beyond.

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