The Perfect Match: Seeing the Whole Picture

Every family is different; therefore, every home is different. At LifeWorx, our first step is to find the absolute best talent. Once we’ve compiled an extensive profile, we’re able to match our candidates with families looking for someone just like them. Because of that, our success rate is 90%.

I’ve seen a family get mad because a housekeeper ran the dishwasher half full. Another family was angry because she left a few dirty dishes in the dishwasher and didn’t run it. Situations like this remind me why it’s important to communicate your preferences. Every family is different; therefore, every home is different. It’s critical that a housekeeper knows how you like your bed made. A nanny should know what the kids like to do for fun. And a caregiver needs your insight on how to talk to your mother. They can’t know these things unless you tell them, though sometimes they’re expected to be mind readers.

Imagine this: You want FedEx to deliver a package to your home by your preferred delivery person. Upon arrival, you expect it to be put in a certain room of your house at a certain time.

This is admittedly a tall order, and while FedEx can’t fill it, we at LifeWorx are prepared to. Our first step is to find the absolute best talent. We are clear on this and don’t shy away from our expectations for excellence. We only select skilled, flexible, detail-oriented private home health aides. Then, we document all the specifics of each professional’s background, skills, and preferences. This includes whether they’re willing to work with pets and travel distances.

Once we’ve compiled this extensive profile, we’re able to match our candidates with families looking for someone just like them. Our success rate is 90%. We hit it right the first time in 9 out of 10 situations. For the remaining 10%, we correct whatever issue(s) there may have been with our second match.

Want to find your perfect match? We encourage you to start by writing down all the details of what you need, and the type of person you hope to find. Then get ready to interview, interview, interview. We’ve found that only one out of about 10 candidates will be right for you. This process may take up to 4-6 weeks, but it helps you to find the right person for your family, which is most important.

We at LifeWorx exist to make it easy for you. Based on your needs and personality preferences, we will hand-select 2-3 great candidates for you to meet and interview. Then all you have to do is choose the best one for you and your family. Thanks to our extensive screening process, we guarantee an ideal match for your needs. Reach out to us today to get started on your senior home assistance match!

How can LifeWorx help me?


  • Licensed Home Care Agency for NY

  • Homemaker Companion Agency in Connecticut. CT LIC: HCA.0000913

  • Homemaker Companion Agency in Sarasota
  • New York – CHAP Certified – UES, Westchester, Long Island and Midtown
  • In process of applying for Home Health Care License in CT

  • Homemaker Companion Agency in West Palm Beach county AHCA. 235063
  • Health Care Services Firm in New Jersey
  • Licensed Placement Agency in Long Island and Recruiting Center

Services are provided and covered by US Patents

  1. 11,455,602
  2. 10,755,326
  3. 9,129,326
  4. 8,959,035
  5. 8,825,736
  6. 8,533,019
  7. 8,301,478

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