Elder Care and Senior Home Care Services

When an elderly loved one needs private home care, it’s normal to be worried, feel sad and have lots of questions, including: 

  • How do I convince my parents they need elderly care? 
  • What’s the best way to get the rest of the family on board?
  • How does it work and how much will it cost?

Most importantly, when hiring a caregiver for an elderly parent, you’re likely wondering how you’ll find someone who’s trustworthy, engaging, and thoughtful—a lifeline you can count on even if you’re far away. We’re here to help!

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Elder care - improving quality of life

When an elderly loved one needs care at home, the options can often seem daunting. To make it easy for you to care for your family members, LifeWorx has three focuses:

  1. Creating a large, fully-screened resource pool of only highly-skilled candidates.
  2. Listening to you and finding the perfect match for your family’s needs.
  3. Making the entire process simple–your one call does it all.

If you think a move is hard for most families, imagine doing it later in life. You’re contending with frail health, while also leaving all your familiar surroundings. With elderly care from LifeWorx, you won’t have to submit a much-loved senior to the rigors of relocation. Aging parents can instead benefit from the privacy, ease, and dignity of aging in the comfort of their homes. With senior home care, they can relax and enjoy a variety of recreational activities and market-fresh meals. Adult children and other family members can pursue their own demanding schedules with peace of mind, secure in the knowledge that their loved one is not only safe, but also happy.

LifeWorx senior nannies care. They are trained to accommodate even the most demanding situations and services in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. When you contact one of our offices, our elderly care professionals will be able to advise you on  the Long-Term Care policy.

We provide hourly senior care services (4-hour minimum), 12-hour shifts (day/night), or 24/7 home care for clients with a variety of needs. Whether you’re looking for  companionship, Alzheimer’s and dementia care, Parkinson’s care, or ambulatory assistance, we have trained professionals to help. We believe that hygiene, grooming, and personal care is the foundation of excellent care. 

LifeWorx has the largest resource pool in the New York metropolitan area, including four offices and a team of 15 professional care consultants. Communication is key and we prioritize it with our clients. Each is assigned a local office specialist with a minimum of 5 years’ experience in understanding busy families’ needs.

Long Term Care

15+ years of expertise in making matches


We invite you to stop by one of LifeWorx’s six retail locations for a consultation with us. Though each location has a unique neighborhood feel, our company’s mission and standards unite them all. Success for us is finding the perfect local match for your family while maintaining clear and consistent communication. LifeWorx is a private home care agency with several locations to best serve the needs of our communities. Learn more about each of our local teams below:



NEW YORK, NY 10065














NEW YORK, NY 10022











LifeWorx is licensed in New York and New Jersey as a home health care agency and registered in Connecticut as a companion care agency. LifeWorx is also registered and licensed in all three states as an employment placement agency.

Our company has established unique and highly detailed processes and systems to find the best caregivers (link to our caregivers’ page). We then match them perfectly with families in need based on factors including skills, background, references, and personality. Our team uses these processes daily and has been able to deliver over 400,000 services without any accident, injury, abuse, neglect, or theft. With $1 million of investment in software, we can make the perfect match for each client and further refine it with our organizational skills.

Our clients tell it like it is.

4.8 out of 5 avg. rating

Tim Leonard (May 2019)

"I have an elderly mother who needed caregivers eventually 24/7 and Lifeworx really went above and beyond getting us through this transition. They took care of recruitment, sent me the bio's prior to my interviewing the candidates, and handled all the payroll taxes, licensing etc. All I pay is an hourly rate on my credit card. I've used other homecare companies with terrible results since they simply provide the personnel without any regard to my mother's likes or dislikes. They're like a car service, whereas Lifeworx works with you to tailor the solution to my mother's needs. Eldercare is hard enough as it is, but having Lifeworx as part of the solution is a blessing."

Miranda Herbert (July 2018)

"I was told about lifeworx from a family friend and i must say i made a great choice to contact this comapny and pursue my love of elderly care. That company is very profession and accommodating to your experiance and knowledge in the field as well. My interview was done at the new your office and my interviewer was very through and well explained ypung woman who i now my candidate correspondent. I would recommend them to anyone who is intrested."

Lynne Barasch, Highland, CA (May 2019)

"Lifeworx is a very reliable service. I just hired full time care for my elderly mom. Brian sent us several profiles to review and we chose a few for in person interviews and picked a wonderful competent caring woman to move in with my mom. And another wonderful woman for weekends. All good so far."

Beverly Maher (January 2019)

"Lifeworx is a good company to work for. They make sure they hire only the best care givers to take care for their clients. You are empowered and work independently.they ensure both clients and and care givers are satisfied."

Jackie Salkin (July 2018)

"I am very impressed with LifeWorx. I am thoroughly satisfied with their ability to take the time required to perfectly match aides with my soon to be 90 year old father's changing needs. Everyone whom I have had contact with has been patient and kind, not to mention knowledgable. There has also been an excellent level of follow up from LifeWorx as well as an in home visit to meet my father. I have worked with other agencies and none have compared to Lifeworx. Bravo!!"

DEBORAH Ziwot (May 2019)

"Lifeworx is a very professional and efficient organization that provides excellent caregivers. The caregivers are exceedingly well trained, knowledgeable, compassionate and personable. I highly recommend Lifeworx to anyone who is seeking to provide special care for a loved one."




Our clients have great things to say about our care providers

Kim Arco (May 2019)

"Lifeworx has provided my mom with companion care for over a year. She was initially reluctant to admit she needs help but is very happy to have Vanessa. Lifeworx and their team has proven to be a big help for me as moms needs are taken care of. These include taking her to appointments, grocery store etc. I don’t know what I would do without them."


We are in your neighborhood for a reason

Ellie Rodriguez (June 2018)

"At LifeWorx I have received the best attention from the staffs. They were so kind, and profesional in the interview, especially, Morgan a very sweet person, was very detailed regarding the questions to collect information for my resume. In only two weeks LifeWorx placed me with a family in Rye-not very far from where I live with the salary I was looking for- Awesome!! I highly recommend LifeWorx if you are looking a job!!! Thank you Morgan and Brian!"


Personalized Service and Trust is our core

Kimesha Kelly (February 2019)

"Lifewox is an amazing organization which not only give great services to clients. Treat their employees with great respect and care.



You expect excellent service and that’s our priority. Each of our care coordinators is equipped to provide you with solutions to meet your needs. We are confident that within 5 minutes of speaking to someone on our team, you’ll be glad you chose us over our competitors.

Having served thousands of clients and provided more than 500,000 services, our team knows excellent service.

Ask away - FAQ

What is the cost of your services?

LifeWorx’s service costs vary based on the need. Typically, the starting rate is $35/hr. For 24hr service, the starting rate is $400/day, depending on the location and level of care needed.

How do you screen your caregivers?

Each private home health aide goes through three (3) in-depth interviews and provides references from two past professional in-home services clients. In addition, we conduct in-depth background checks and further research as needed. We can proudly say that in our 15 years of service, we have never had a client report neglect, abuse or theft by one of our care professionals. Our standard is to choose from among the top 10% of caregivers who apply to LifeWorx.

What insurance carriers do you accept?

We work with all long-term care insurance providers and are happy to have our team of in-house insurance experts take care of all the meticulous paperwork and filing for you.

How does your process work?

You can get started with a phone call or visit to one of our locations. After assessing your family’s needs, we provide you with 2-3 ideal caregivers. You can then interview the candidates you select if you wish. From there, the schedule is up to your agreement with the caregiver. You can begin as soon as you want. It’s not uncommon for the service to begin the same day, but in some rare situations, it may take an additional day.

What is your guarantee?

Your satisfaction is guaranteed. If you’re not satisfied with the service, let us know within 48 hours. We will either refund you or correct the services to your satisfaction.

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