Alzheimer’s and Dementia Home Care

We specialize in Alzheimer’s and dementia elderly care, and find ways to mitigate the progress through nutrition and both social and physical activity. A skilled LifeWorx dementia home care professional can make sure your loved one has the best care possible.

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For Alzheimer’s and dementia patients, attention to detail is everything

Watch as one of our clients shares intimate details of her family’s needs, along with the interviews and selection process.

LifeWorx is privileged to have Dr. Howard Fillit on its advisory board. He is a geriatrician, neuroscientist, innovative philanthropy executive and founder of The Alzheimer’s Drug Discovery Foundation. As a clinical professor at Mount Sinai School of Medicine, he focuses on geriatric medicine, palliative care, and neuroscience. Dr. Fillit maintains a limited private practice in consultative geriatric medicine, specializing in Alzheimer’s disease and related dementia in New York City. His expert insight helps inform our best practices.

“I have one particularly challenging female Alzheimer’s patient. She must not be left alone at all. She requires 24-hour Alzheimer care from a caregiver that has extreme empathy, patience and kindness. Her family does not want her to be in a facility, so we are happy to provide wonderful and professional care. Her family is grateful that she can be her own home and is still healthy and strong. They attribute her well-being to the quality of care and love she receives from her caregiver. This reminds me of why we do what we do.” – Dr. Fillet

“My mom’s mental failings were taken care by my dad. When dad passed away, she lost that compass.”

- Andrea

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“If you love and care about
people and treat them with

- Ransford

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“LifeWorx’ caregivers come with depth of Alzheimer’s and dementia experience …”

- Helen

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No illness is more debilitating and worrisome than Alzheimer’s or dementia. It’s heartbreaking when your parent fails to recognize you, or his or her personality changes. It also makes the caregiving process a bit more challenging, so our Alzheimer’s care professionals always account for the illness-related behavior.

Although there are currently thousands of Alzheimer’s research initiatives, by most estimates, a cure is almost a decade away. That means the best we can do is to slow the progression of the disease as much as possible. Dr. Fillit, Chairman of the Alzheimer’s Research Foundation and LifeWorx Advisory Board Member, recommends taking these steps:

  1. Maintaining your loved one’s daily activities;
  2. Providing social interaction;
  3. Ensuring good nutrition;
  4. Offering intellectual stimulation.

“I feel like I have my life back,” Claire says.

A LifeWorx Alzheimer’s and dementia home care professional can make sure your loved one has all the above. Take, for instance, Claire*, who called us one day from Stuyvesant Town in Manhattan. In a shaky voice, she told us that her husband, Tom*, was sitting at the park, refusing to return home. We recommended she just go be with him where he was. She obliged and promised to be back in touch. A few minutes later, she called again and said she was afraid of Tom, who was a large man.

Claire and Tom had loved each other for more than 40 years, but he was now suffering from a serious case of Alzheimer’s, which was worsening rapidly of late. Somehow, they had ended up in the park outside their apartment, wondering what their next steps would be. We told Claire that we would send over an Alzheimer’s care professional who would know how to positively persuade her husband, understand the changes in his thinking and moods, and be a friend.

Tom and his new caregiver hit it off within an hour, and as they did, Tom calmed down. The caregiver immediately began 24-hour Alzheimer’s care with Tom. Later, Claire called again and thanked us, saying she had slept well that night. These days, the caregiver is a constant companion, even traveling with Claire and Tom to their vacation home. “I feel like I have my life back,” Claire said.

Being the spouse of someone with Alzheimer’s is difficult, as is being that person’s child. You’re troubled by your loved one’s illness and it becomes more complex and unpredictable to interact with him or her. Sometimes it’s difficult to disengage emotionally, but it’s best to do so, and often to employ an intermediary as well. There’s no doubt that home care for elderly people with dementia can be difficult. But Alzheimer’s care professionals have taken care of a wide variety of Alzheimer’s patients, from those who are sweet and kind to those who are deeply frustrated. They understand that in difficult moments, it is the illness speaking and not the person. They shrug off these tough times and put their heart into providing the care your loved one needs.

* Names changed for privacy

Our clients have trusted us for years, you can too

Our interview process of caregivers gets in their soul. We want to and do see the true joy of caring, and that is essential element of being accepted by LifeWorx.

We see the compassion, warmth and courage to do the right thing. These caregivers are true angels. Our process rules out those who are looking for an easy job, checked out all day or on the phone.

Our clients tell it like it is.

4.8 out of 5 avg. rating

Lynne Barasch, Highland, CA (May 2019)

"Lifeworx is a very reliable service. I just hired full time care for my elderly mom. Brian sent us several profiles to review and we chose a few for in person interviews and picked a wonderful competent caring woman to move in with my mom. And another wonderful woman for weekends. All good so far."

Diane Goodman (April 2019)

"Quickly and easily found the perfect companion for my elderly mother who has some dementia. The caregiver is bright, responsible, caring and flexible. My mother can't stop talking about how lovely she is."

Kimesha Kelly (February 2019)

"Lifewox is an amazing organization which not only give great services to clients. Treat their employees with great respect and care.

Stacey White (July 2018)

"Great agency! The staff is accommodating, they try to fit you with the right family. I strongly recommend them."


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