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The Science Of Impulse Control

LifeWorx was proud to host cognitive neuroscientist Dr. Heather Berlin as she took us through a journey discovering the power and mystery of our brain.

Dr. Heather Berlin has been pursuing a deeper knowledge of the brain for decades, and finding surprising answers in the brains of people with psychiatric and neurological disorders. What happens in the brains of people who can’t control themselves, or whose sense of self is fragmented, or lost entirely? By tracing the distinct brain circuits that give rise to her patients’ disorders, Dr. Berlin is revealing the neurophysiology that makes each of us who we are.

During the webinar, we went on a journey deep into the brain, the mind, and the self, as Professor Berlin revealed the startling and exciting recent findings of cutting-edge neuroscience. Curious to know how your brain accomplishes spontaneous creativity? How much self-control or “free will” do we really have? And what does the future hold, once brains begin to integrate with neural implants? Get to know your dynamic unconscious mind, a bigger part of “who you are” than you could ever guess, with Dr. Berlin as your guide. Watch the recorded webinar at your convenience.

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