Founder’s story

Our journey is long, but we will continue to create an organization and culture where trusted, reliable, skilled and experienced people are the norm and where clients get consistent, outstanding service.

I have always seen the glass half full, even though my life has had its share of challenges. As a child growing up in India, I watched my mother struggle to maintain a comfortable and functional home for our family of seven. My siblings and I helped wash the dishes, do laundry and supervise the younger children in between school and homework. I was blessed to come from a wealthy family, but despite our means, good household help remained hard to find.

Fifteen years ago, I lost my wife to cancer and unexpectedly found myself a single parent experiencing the challenges of finding childcare and more. One afternoon, a few months after my wife passed away, I came home early and found my roof leaking, my son laying in bed depressed and the housekeeper gone with all my silverware. Shocked and frustrated, this moment crystallized my belief that finding good domestic help is awfully difficult. No one should have to accept unreliable help and never when the need is critical.

After a period of trial and error, I found Dahriya, a gift, to be our housekeeper. I knew she was outstanding because she was first looking to help a family, while also making a living for herself. I had learned that those who are looking to help—and not just make money—make the best service providers.

Now, my life is filled with talented and trusted service providers that bring me joy, freedom and a home full of peace and order. To get great service, you have to start with great people.

Finding good help at home has become my passion and the reason I founded LifeWorx. Our mission is simple; bring trust, reliability and quality into your home and find work for highly skilled, experienced and dependable service providers.

After graduating from top rated colleges, IIT Mumbai and MIT, and gaining on-the-job business management experiences for 25 years, I learned that efficient organizations can bring quality, reliability and convenience into our lives. We build cars that run problem-free for 10 years and 100,000 miles, we walk around the corner and get a great meal with outstanding service from most restaurants in Manhattan, and we can land perfectly on the moon…Why don’t we have a reliable way of securing great help at home, the most fulfilling place in our lives? As I asked around in my community, I found that many families have trouble getting the outstanding in-home service they deserve. The need is large and, consequently, so is my passion. Now we know that the need is not fulfilled because the systems and processes are fragmented and only few organizations are devoted to this cause.

Creating LifeWorx has been challenging and fulfilling. The challenge is large as we strive for perfection in service. In the last five years we have improved from 90% customer satisfaction to 98+% customer satisfaction.

We have seen tears of joy in certain moms’ eyes when we give them multiple choices of outstanding professionals for childcare at home, even when the need has been urgent. We have seen the smiles on hundreds of care providers’ faces, who found the type of work they love, close to their own homes and with a kind family and appropriate compensation. The fulfillment has been the fuel for our team at LifeWorx.

Given the growth of our company and observing the need in the marketplace, our mission has evolved to serve a broader clientele by creating an online service to allow clients to serve themselves at their own convenience and at a low cost . At the same time, we continue to maintain trust, reliability and quality. We will make “finding good help at home” as simple as getting a good cup of coffee.

Our journey is long, but we will continue to create an organization and culture where trusted, reliable, skilled and experienced people are the norm and where clients get consistent, outstanding service. Productive and reliable systems and processes will continue to be the pillars of our organization; bringing more joy to all our clients by providing more order, time and simplicity in their lives.

Bal Agrawal
Chief Executive Officer,
LifeWorx, Inc.

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