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Bal Agrawal

Founder & CEO


We can transform this industry from one focused on little more than basic care and safety into one that offers its
clients joy and fulfillment.

Bal Agrawal

I believe in human potential—that with focus and determination, we can do anything we imagine. I am humbled by the talented, bright, and caring folks who surround me here at LifeWorx. Although we all encounter obstacles in life, sometimes truly formidable ones, what motivates me is seeing how people conquer those challenges to find sources of fulfillment and joy.

I, too, have encountered significant challenges in my life. They began with my rigorous education at IIT Mumbai (a highly selective university with pathetic food and a tough curriculum). It was there, in India, that I met my wife. Together we decided to tackle an even bigger challenge: to leave our families and country to come to the USA, the land of opportunity. No one will ever know the real source of our courage—or love. But together, these two things helped us take that leap.

I got into MIT, and my hard work paid off. I graduated and got a great job with Praxair/Linde (a company that has performance culture). My wife and I had a son, Neel, bought a house, and enjoyed 10 years of steady career and personal growth.

Sadly, those good times were not to last. In 1993, when I was 40, my wife passed away. My first thoughts were for my son, then 13, and myself. Being a single parent was not easy; it sometimes overwhelmed me. I learned that kids are happiest when they know their boundaries, since it gives them a sense of security. Setting limits was hard, since I felt guilt that my son had lost his mom. Supporting and celebrating my son were easier, since those concepts were at my core. I think focus, effort, courage, and patience are the key four components of navigating parenthood, work, and life.

I learned that when life throws you a curveball there is no magical solution. The lesson I took away is that we should always be prepared for change, whether it comes from outside or within.

It was a philosophy that would serve me well, because Neel developed mental illness in 1999 while at college at USC. Yes, life threw me a second curve ball. I brought him back home to New York and worked with him for seven years to help him overcome that challenge. Initially it was like trying to push a boulder, but one that eventually started rolling. It was so fulfilling to see Neel become healthy again and move back to Los Angeles and build a caring and loving relationship.

Having helped my son become independent, it was time for me to change my life as well: I said goodbye to corporate life at Praxair/Linde to start LifeWorx. My personal trials and tribulations in finding good household help had brought me to this destination.

This venture has been fun and ever growing—truly a transformational experience. Our clients have helped us attain the highest customer satisfaction rating in the care and lifestyle industry and grow into a leading service provider in greater New York. Our Net Promoter score, which measures customer satisfaction, shows that 8 out of 10 of our customers “Highly” recommend us to friends and family—an approval rating that rivals Apple’s and Westin’s! We are humbled and sincerely appreciate these recommendations.

We have so much to be thankful for! With your continued support, we can transform this industry from one focused on little more than basic care and safety into one that offers its clients joy and fulfillment. Love can move mountains, and good health can keep us at the top of them.