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The Salary Calculator is designed to be used as a guide and approximate worker compensation based on his or her skills, duties, hours and location of work. Those who are well educated and have high energy, numerous skills and abilities and interest to do more duties will have higher compensation opportunity. If you drive a car and have excellent work experience, this will also have a significant impact on compensation. It takes less than 30 seconds to get the results. Call LifeWorx at 212-259-0476 if you would like to talk to a counselor about specific questions regarding compensation.

As an employer of domestic help such as eldercare, child care or housekeeping; the salary calculator can give you a feel for what would be fair pay for the employee.

* Note – The salary calculator is meant to provide only an anticipated range of pay, and while updated frequently, candidates should also consider current market value and economic climate when negotiating salaries.

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Kelli, New York

Kelli (New York)


30 Min Away

Calm, professional and sweet, Kelli has almost five years of nanny experience, and has cared for children from infants...

Eric, New York

Eric (New York)


25 Min Away

Motivated, Honest and Witty; Eric has been a professional House Manager and Personal Assistant for the past 6...

Manifa, New York

Manifa (New York)


25 Min Away

Organized, bright, and eager to please; Manifa has over 10 years of chef experience. Growing up cooking for those around...

Claudine, New York

Claudine (New York)

Personal Assistant

25 Min Away

Receptive, Self-Motivated and Deep-seated; Claudine has been a Personal Assistant for the past few years and she has...

Irina, New York

Irina (New York)


30 Min Away

Diligent, Enthusiastic, and Professional; Irina has been a professional housekeeper for the past 10 years. She is a...

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