Po Hau

Software Engineer, LifeWorx, Inc.

(203) 683-1539Pohau@gmail.com

I joined LifeWorx in 2020 as a Software Engineer. My role is to plan and build new tools for the team to help with their daily tasks and make their work more efficient so they can spend less time on the mundane tasks, and more time working on the projects they are passionate about.

This is my 10th year in the career of Software, and I’m still in love with the process, from understanding how others work, to what I could do to help make their work life easier. Then plan for the project, and everything it needs, from tools to timeline, while making it flexible to change for the future. Software is an interesting career, in school you think you’ve learned enough, until you got your first role, then the education continue, it teaches you more as time goes on, and as you learn more, you realize that there’s even more you don’t know, all the while you’re chasing a field that keeps expanding in every way you can think of to integrate itself in every model, increasing its’ scope of possibilities.

My role is to plan and build new tools for the team to help with their daily tasks and make their work more efficient…

I was born in Hong Kong, and moved to New York at the age of 10, the transition of moving to a foreign country with no knowledge in how to speak it’s language is tough, but I’m thankful for it. On my time off I enjoy working on small projects in order to learn about new technology, and bothering my cats. The thing I love the most is going around the country, sampling different restaurants, learning about the local culture, and bringing the knowledge back to my home kitchen.

Debbie C. (2020)

Incredible agency to work with! They found the perfect caregiver for my father in law. They listen to your needs and provide excellent candidates. The whole process was extremely easy and professional. So happy we found them and used them!


Vice President of Technology

I am the company’s primary software architect, developer, and operations engineer. In this role, I make sure all of our technical systems and …

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