Michelle Magaletti

Candidate Relations Coordinator  LifeWorx’ Chappaqua, NY office

(646) 517-5726Michelle@LifeWorx.com

My grandmother has spent over the last 10 years of her life with vascular dementia. My grandmother is my driving force as to why I ensure each day that the references are accurate. LifeWorx does a great job in meeting families where they are and helping them to move forward through what is a very tumultuous time during a loved one’s life. I would only want the best working with my grandmother and feel that everyone else should have the same opportunity as well.

I am responsible for conducting thorough reference checks for potential caregivers to verify applicant skills, work experience, and validity. 

I am responsible for conducting thorough reference checks for potential caregivers to verify applicant skills, work experience, and validity of the references. I transcribe answers during the phone call using digital data entry. I also assist with the day to day operations involving finding coverage for ongoing services, as well as dealing with current applicants, candidates, and clients.

I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Mercy College and spent my first few years helping individuals with disabilities find and retain employment. I grew up in Thornwood, NY and currently live in Yorktown Heights, NY. In my free time, I enjoy going for a run, spending time with my family and friends, and traveling to see new places.

Karen P., Greenwich Village, Manhattan, NY (February 2015)

"I moved back to New York City 9 or so months ago and knew I needed help. I came back to a big job with lots of travel and lots of hours. I've used different cleaning services before, but they never offered consistency. With all the moving parts on my side, I needed someone to really understand my needs and take care of everything. After some research, I went with LifeWorx. They listened to all of my needs. They presented me with 3 candidates who all seemed capable. One was into organizing, and that put her over the top in my book as I need all the help I can get there. So my part time housekeeper comes on a set couple of days each week. She knows my routine. Together we keep the household running. She takes care of dry cleaning, which is a big time saver. She lets me know when we need more supplies. Having her on a set schedule allows me to have repairs or deliveries that I normally would have had to work from home to accommodate - which is a big deal with my schedule. She does a great job keeping everything clean. To boot, she's become a bit of a part time nanny to my 2 adorable & very friendly cats. Jeanne has been a pleasure to work with as the GM. She follows up when needed a keeps it all running smooth. If you need someone to help keep your house and a bit of your life in order when you're busy working in overdrive, LifeWorxs is great."


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