Jim Barry

Vice President of Technology, LifeWorx, Inc.

(212) 259-0437Jim@LifeWorx.com

I am the company’s primary software architect, developer, and operations engineer. In this role, I make sure all of our technical systems and communications operate smoothly and create system improvements and additions. Making software has always been a challenge I enjoy. There is a very special rush when you create a piece of software and it solves a problem or makes something possible that previously wasn’t — it’s rather like magic.

There is a very special rush when you create a piece of software and it solves a problem

I’ve been a professional software developer/operations engineer for the last 25 years. I am entirely self-educated—mostly I learned to write software by reading books and magazines (YouTube was still a long way in the future) and trial and error. After starting out my career in technical support, I very quickly moved into development and I’ve been learning and evolving ever since, working with companies like Barnes and Noble, WebMD, and now LifeWorx.

I grew up in the suburbs of New York and after moving around a bit I ended up right back where I started. I have an ongoing fascination with learning and creating things. In most of my off hours I can be found in my tiny home shop where I live in Brooklyn, making things out of wood, steel, leather or whatever material I am playing with at the moment.

Maria R, Chappaqua NY

“My relationship with LifeWorx started with a simple phone call - and it’s brought a tremendous amount of ease.”



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