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A lot of people feel the need to justify the decision not to clean their own homes. Licensed family and marriage therapist Jody Gilmore, LCSW, says, "Women are especially susceptible to feeling guilty for wanting or needing help. Often they see wanting to hire a housekeeper as a weakness, when in fact, it should be looked at as being very practical and even beneficial."
Diana Crabb, a mother of four who works full time outside the home, says, "I could hardly function without my housekeeper. She is a tremendous help, and keeps our house running smoothly." She adds that she's even more grateful for the help now, as her husband frequently works out of the country. "It's well worth the money."
According to Gilmore, Crabb has the right attitude. She says, "There are many very good reasons to hire help, and regardless of your personal reason, if hiring a housekeeper is good for you and your family, there's no reason to feel guilty."
It's true: acknowledging that you want -- and deserve -- help around the house can be liberating.
Finding a skilled and trustworthy Housekeeper can seem like a daunting task. The right person must have several important personality traits, experiences, and skills. At LifeWorx, we cover all those bases:
  1. They Must be Trustworthy: Your Housekeeper will be working all day in your home, around your personal belongings, your prized possessions, and even your family/children. Knowing that this individual will be trustworthy enough around your home and family, maybe even to the point where they have a key to your home, is a big step to take. You don't want just any random person taking that responsibility. That's why LifeWorx is here. Every single one of our professional Housekeepers must pass a thorough background check. Included in this background check is a 50 State criminal background check, a DMV driving record check, a Credit Report, as well as a sex offender background check. Along with these safeguards, LifeWorx employs full-time, dedicated recruiters whose sole job is to find, vet, and hire the best of the best. There is no other agency that equals LifeWorx's dedication in finding the most skilled and trustworthy Housekeepers. It's why we're here.
  2. They Must be Experienced: Although sometimes an individual excels at their first job, a family can't reasonably expect this from a professional Housekeeper. It's no secret that the best Housekeepers are those with the most experience on the job. That's why at LifeWorx, our recruiters look for the most experienced Housekeepers available. The bare minimum experience that we accept is at least two years of experience in a private home, with the majority of our Housekeepers greatly exceeding that. Not only do we require extensive experience, but our recruiters also rely on references directly from the Housekeeper's prior employers. Although letters of recommendation may be a great addition to one's resume, we prefer to contact the reference directly. Because of this, we ensure that every single Housekeeper that we agree to represent has truly wowed the families they worked for.
  3. They Must be Skilled: No matter what job it is, skill is always important. It's simple; higher skilled Housekeepers are more valuable than lesser skilled Housekeepers. Because of this, LifeWorx only agrees to represent the best of the best. If there are any red flags in a candidate's history, references, or character, LifeWorx will not move forward. A rule of thumb for our recruiters and salespersons is: If I don't want this individual working in my home, with my family, than I don't want them working with our LifeWorx clients.

See for yourself what sets a LifeWorx Housekeeper apart from the others. Contact us today to speak with one of our professional recruiters.

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Kelli, New York

Kelli (New York)


30 Min Away

Calm, professional and sweet, Kelli has almost five years of nanny experience, and has cared for children from infants...

Eric, New York

Eric (New York)


25 Min Away

Motivated, Honest and Witty; Eric has been a professional House Manager and Personal Assistant for the past 6...

Irina, New York

Irina (New York)


30 Min Away

Diligent, Enthusiastic, and Professional; Irina has been a professional housekeeper for the past 10 years. She is a...

Claudine, New York

Claudine (New York)

Personal Assistant

25 Min Away

Receptive, Self-Motivated and Deep-seated; Claudine has been a Personal Assistant for the past few years and she has...

Manifa, New York

Manifa (New York)


25 Min Away

Organized, bright, and eager to please; Manifa has over 10 years of chef experience. Growing up cooking for those around...

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