What is a Nanny Contract?


The relationship you have with your nanny might be casual, but it is still a business relationship and needs to be addressed as such. After you have completed your search for a qualified and trustworthy nanny, you might be thinking of drawing up a nanny contract. The goal of this contract should not be to enforce control over your nanny, but to define the job in greater detail to both of your standards. It will also act as a reference to check back with should something come up. Not all Nanny/Employer relationships require a nanny contract, but it can be a very useful tool to help foster a good work environment.

Imagine you and your significant other have a wonderful vacation day planned. All the details are set, the bags are packed and you are ready to walk out the door. But wait! The nanny doesn’t show and the day is ruined. If you had created a nanny contract, you and your nanny would have talked about the fact that she expected to have Veterans Day off and there would have been no confusion. A nanny contract can be a tool to set vacation days, work hours, emergency hours or overtime. Communication and a schedule are a winning combination that can fix a problem before there is one.

In addition, duties, responsibilities, compensation, benefits, transportation, notice and severance can all be discussed and written down so there is no fighting over what “he said, she said.” Imagine having the entire job description all in one place that you can look at whenever you desire! Just think about how much simpler the situation becomes. In addition, nanny contracts can be legally binding, protecting both parties’ rights, so no one gets taken advantage of. A professional specializing in employment issues and or nanny contracts can help you write up a legal contract between you an your nanny.

Here are some other ways to utilize a nanny contract:

1.The procedure for asking for extra hours or for sleeping over in an emergency

2.The procedure for when your nanny needs a day off last minute, or gets sick

3.Specific duties you expect your nanny to perform around the house or for the children

4.How you and your nanny both expect to be treated

These are just a few examples, but the contract is limitless for whatever issues you want to address and cover.

When creating your contract, remember a few important things:

1.Be familiar with labor laws before you finish your contract.

2.The minimum wage for nannies is $7.25 an hour

3.When the contract is completed, both parties should sign and receive a copy for their records.

Lastly, it is important to remember that your nanny is an expert. Don’t try to use the contract to exert too much control over their behavior. You have to sit back sometimes and let them do their job or they could feel uncomfortable in the work environment. On the other hand, don’t be afraid to use the nanny contract. If your nanny is in frequent violation of the rules and regulations that you both agreed and signed upon, then you have every right to let them go.

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