Are You on Your Fourth Nanny this Year?



The process of finding a trustworthy and reliable nanny can be very grueling. Even more frustrating is when you hire a nanny and it doesn’t work out. If you look back on the past year and see that you’ve had several nannies who did not last, you may want to start thinking about why that is. There is a problem that needs to be identified so that you don’t keep putting all your effort into finding people and then end up with the wrong situation. Here are some tips you can follow to help with your constant nanny problems.

Reflect. Sit down and write a list of the reasons things didn’t work out with each nanny. Look at the list and reflect on any similarities and overlap you see. If the nannies quit, did they quit for similar reasons? If you had several nannies leave because of the workload, this tells you something. On the other hand, if you had to let them go, did they have similar characteristics or personalities you can identify? If you had over three nannies come and go in a year, there has to be a unifying issue- whether that be in the job description or in the nannies you have chosen.

Get feedback from the kids. You can get a lot of insight from your children. After all, they spend the most time with the nanny and can tell you what goes on when you’re not there. Some children may be too young, but even a 2 year old can tell you whether they liked her or not, and can show a lot by their facial expressions. Again, you may get some similarities in what the kids do not like about the nanny.

Learn from the past. Once you have pinpointed what went wrong in these past situations with nannies, learn from it! Don’t keep making the same mistake in hiring. In addition, it helps to over-communicate the details of the job so that there are no surprises. Have the nanny meet and interact with the kids before she starts. As she works for you, get feedback from her and the kids so you are knowledgeable of how things are going.

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