There’s nothing more stressful then being overwhelmed in your own home. Our Organizers' mission is to find clarity in a cluttered environment. Their motto is “A place for everything, and everything in its place.” Let our organizers:

  • Visit your home or office to design a plan that meets your needs and priorities.
  • Organize your space to create a comfortable environment and simplify your workflow while upholding confidentiality.
  • Contract outside sources such as reputable closet installation companies to restructure your space.
  • Teach you how to maintain the organization system to achieve long-lasting results.

LifeWorx Organizers always impress. Among our organizers are:

  • MBAs from top-rated colleges for custom, more demanding assignments.
  • Members of organizations such as NAPO.
  • Professionals who have worked with Celebrities.

Pricing: Hourly: $70 - $80

Suggestion: Many families call us for assistance with a move or renovation, as well as wardrobe and office organizing.

Contact us to find the right organizer for your need!

Our Professionals

Our top-tier professionals are vetted through a rigorous screening process to ensure the highest possible quality of service.

Prerequisite Credentials and Work Experience

Professionally interviewed by LifeWorx staffing experts

Detailed Profile example

Legal to work in the U.S.

Background checks example

References example

Eric, New York

Eric (New York)


25 Min Away

Motivated, Honest and Witty; Eric has been a professional House Manager and Personal Assistant for the past 6...

Irina, New York

Irina (New York)


30 Min Away

Diligent, Enthusiastic, and Professional; Irina has been a professional housekeeper for the past 10 years. She is a...

Kelli, New York

Kelli (New York)


30 Min Away

Calm, professional and sweet, Kelli has almost five years of nanny experience, and has cared for children from infants...

Claudine, New York

Claudine (New York)

Professional Organizer

25 Min Away

Receptive, Self-Motivated and Deep-seated; Claudine has been a Personal Assistant for the past few years and she has...

Manifa, New York

Manifa (New York)


25 Min Away

Organized, bright, and eager to please; Manifa has over 10 years of chef experience. Growing up cooking for those around...

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