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The LifeWorx team provides child care, elder care, housekeeping, personal chefs, organizers, personal assistants, and estate managers in all of Greater NY.

  • We have served thousands of clients and have 500 active candidates for the above services
  • We provide part time, full time, and occasional services at an hourly rate as well as placements.
  • Our service area is focused in Greater NY, serving a 50 mile radius of New York City.

Our Work Environment

LifeWorx is a New York based venture with 5 offices that we are planning to expand nationally. We are an open organization where employees get to view the complete picture of the business and work with individual accountabilities. We are a diverse group, coming from a variety of backgrounds and levels of experience. Collectively the team possesses a multitude of professional and personal knowledge to bring unique perspectives to each and every assignment. As a business-to-consumer service company, we have strong and patented technology that we use for screening, deep search, CRM and bilateral feedback. Our commitment to excellence, trust, consistency and reliability is apparent in everything we do.

What are we looking for?

LifeWorx is looking for college graduates and seasoned professionals. Essential skills for LifeWorx team members are: the ability to communicate well, interpersonal skills and organizational skills. For STEM disciplines, strong analytical, logic and math skills are needed. At LifeWorx, we promote growing and movement within the company so that our employees are always learning and developing their skills. The career path at LifeWorx starts with entry level positions in recruiting, administration, marketing or technology and grows into Director or General Management roles. Most of LifeWorx employees have enjoyed a successful career and are on a path to grow even further.

We provide a competitive salary with bonus and/or commission structures, Medical coverage, paid vacations and personal days, and flex time.

STEM graduate job descriptions (generic for variety of jobs)

  1. Develop processes and systems to optimize distributed work force logistics and generate choices
  2. Build logic to find optimum solutions and search results when data in not granular
  3. Build personality test and data management resources to find better matches for families and workers
  4. Develop database structure, manage databases, communications and CRM systems
  5. Build and manage projects related to software development

For Business, Marketing, Psychology and Arts graduates

  1. Develop strong relationships with LifeWorx applicants, candidates and clients.
  2. Utilize and refine the best screening techniques including telephone and in-person interviews, analysis of online applications, and background checks to hire the best, most reliable, highly experienced candidates.
  3. Perform several different functions within LifeWorx in order to better develop and learn multiple areas of the business. Working alongside existing Directors and Managers within the organization to become a more versatile employee and create a road map for organizational development.
  4. Work in tandem with other staff members to help fill open positions within clients’ homes with their ideal candidates
  5. Develop an understanding of the company’s target markets including both potential clients based on location, need and ability to pay and candidates based on location, skills and experience.

If you are interested in a position at LifeWorx, please email your resume to

Our Professionals

Our top-tier professionals are vetted through a rigorous screening process to ensure the highest possible quality of service.

Prerequisite Credentials and Work Experience

Professionally interviewed by LifeWorx staffing experts

Detailed Profile example

Legal to work in the U.S.

Background checks example

References example

Claudine, New York

Claudine (New York)

Professional Organizer

25 Min Away

Receptive, Self-Motivated and Deep-seated; Claudine has been a Personal Assistant for the past few years and she has...

Manifa, New York

Manifa (New York)


25 Min Away

Organized, bright, and eager to please; Manifa has over 10 years of chef experience. Growing up cooking for those around...

Irina, New York

Irina (New York)


30 Min Away

Diligent, Enthusiastic, and Professional; Irina has been a professional housekeeper for the past 10 years. She is a...

Kelli, New York

Kelli (New York)


30 Min Away

Calm, professional and sweet, Kelli has almost five years of nanny experience, and has cared for children from infants...

Eric, New York

Eric (New York)


25 Min Away

Motivated, Honest and Witty; Eric has been a professional House Manager and Personal Assistant for the past 6...

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