6 Traits Every Eldercare Expert Should Have

The reason LifeWorx is considered to be the premier domestic staffing company available is because of our standards. What leads thousands of clients in the New York Metro, Fairfield County and Northern New Jersey area to come to us for their caregiver needs is they know we refer only the best. There are certain skills and traits we look for in any of the highly skilled and trustworthy people we work with. Here are six of the traits LifeWorx believes any caregiver should have.
Patience- Caring for an elderly person might not come with a lot of exciting things for you to do. It is important for a caregiver to know how to be patient and to sometimes just sit with them and let them be. In addition, they may take longer to perform certain activities, especially some they want to perform on their own. Always be by their side, but let them go at a pace that makes them feel comfortable.
Flexibility- If you needed to be at work 10 minutes early, would you be there? Being flexible and being able to come in a little early or staying a little later can make a huge difference.
Paying Attention- Chances are, the person you care for does not see the doctor everyday, so it’s up to you to stay on top of their health and well-being. Noticing changes in skin color, eating, facial expressions could be the thing that saves their lives.
Being Fun and Spontaneous- A great Caregiver isn’t afraid to step out of their comfort zone. If the elderly person you are caring for talks loudly, you can’t get embarrassed, you just have to let it go and continue doing the job to the best of your ability.
The Ability to Leave Your Personal Problems at Home- Don’t bring your own personal drama to work. This goes for any job. You are a professional and should always act as such when in the presence of the person you are caring for and employer.
Able to Make Connections Through Similar Interests- The ability to connect on a personal level by finding similar interests like sports or art. Doing so can foster a good bond between you two and make the job more enjoyable for everyone.

Do you possess these 6 traits? If so, LifeWorx would love to work with you. Click here to start the application process and speak with one of our skilled and professional recruiters today.

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Diligent, Enthusiastic, and Professional; Irina has been a professional housekeeper for the past 10 years. She is a...

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