3 Highly Valued Personality Traits in a Housekeeper


So you are skilled in polishing silver, can iron the sheets and do the formal serving at a party. Wonder why the family does not jump with joy and pay you $1000 per week and not ask any more questions. Having the right skills are essential in housekeeping, since no one wants their marble bath to be spotted with wrong cleaning products, and no one wants the silk scarf to be ruined in the washing machine.
To get the best pay it goes well beyond the standard housekeeping skills, it also takes a winning personality and how you interact with your family. Just like any skill, you need to practice and continually improve. The best way to do that is by asking friends and family for honest and helpful feedback. Use the feedback constructively and you are getting to the top of your ‘A’ game.
Here are three essentials you need to get a high end housekeeper job that pays over $800 a week.
  1. Be energetic. This goes without saying. You are doing a lot of physical work and energy is essential. First impressions are everything. When you first meet a potential employer sit straight, walk in with warmth and be a bundle of energy. I once saw a housekeeper, leaning on the sink, using the faucet to lean on while doing dishes. Not a good impression at all!
  2. Have a professional approach to interview and work. There are 100’s of things that fall into this. What you wear and how you keep your hair and nails say a lot about your approach to work. Some housekeepers bring too much of old stories with them, while others may complain or whine about their family. Such things are best left in the car as you walk into work. Do not ask for food or drink. Have a bottle of water with you. Be on time and get to the right place/home.
  3. Have a “can do” attitude. Be flexible and offer to do things that may be beyond typical housekeeping job. Such as sweep the patio, take the pet for a walk, mend clothes, stay late and watch over the kids.
Lack of one or more of these personality traits can lead to unsuccessful interviews and ultimately an unsuccessful career as a housekeeper. If one of these is missing, it is a trigger point for the family and you will start off on the wrong foot. There is no second opportunity to make the first impression. And when you practice these skills every day, it becomes a part of you , a part that will bring more pay and better jobs all the time. However, it is easier to figure out how to iron clothes than to change your personality. So it is hard work, but worth every day you try it…

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