Ela Sobieraj

Director of Compliance,
LifeWorx’ New York City, NY office

(212) 259-0476Ela@LifeWorx.com

My main responsibility here at LifeWorx is to find talented individuals and walk them through the selection process, from application assistance to placement. It is very important for me to have a full understanding of each candidate’s skill set, personality traits, and experience, as well as a clear picture of the type of position he or she seeks. My goal also is to aspire and put all the efforts together to ensure that our company take all the steps to comply with DOH polices and regulations. It is very important to me to assure that our clients receive the proper care.

I am here to assist candidates with their new job search, and it will be my pleasure to introduce you to opportunities where you can utilize your amazing skills and be fulfilled. I love helping others—it makes me feel happy and satisfied.

Always giving 120% are my top priorities. “Keep your eyes on the stars and your feet on the ground”

I was born and raised in Poland and moved to the United States in 2004 I began working at LifeWorx right after graduating from Baruch College, where I completed a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing Management with a minor in corporate communication. In my leisure time you’ll find me running, exploring new places, and spending time with family and friends. I believe life is a one-time chance to learn, improve, and spread kindness. Loving what I do, meeting wonderful people, working diligently, and always giving 120% are my top priorities. “Keep your eyes on the stars and your feet on the ground” is a saying that guides me through life.
I live in Brooklyn, in the heart of a trendy and artistic community, where I enjoy exploring new venues and art exhibitions.

Jevine Campbell Cox (March 2019)

"I was introduced to Lifeworx by a friend, they’re a well organized agency. Ela and Christine are superb they shows a sincere interest in the employees and clients, highly respected, very effective in communicating and responds quickly to concerns and solves problems ASAP. They provide great information to attain great results. They’re excellent team leaders. Ela and Christine are the best!!!"


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