Christine Randall

Director of Client Relations, LifeWorx’ Upper East Side, NY office


Whether you’re looking for a reliable housekeeper, a loving nanny to care for your precious children, or a compassionate elder care provider, I will find you the perfect match. Working with my clients, my first mission is to listen, understand, and get an insight. It is important they know their needs and priorities are always top of mind. Finding that person who will give them comfort is the driving force in all I do.

My first mission is to listen, understand, and get an insight. It is important they know their needs and priorities are always top of mind

I have spent years taking care of people in both my professional and personal life. My present and past experiences as both a mother and an account executive for a highly regarded insurance company have led me to LifeWorx. I am also Certified Jack Canfield Success Principles Coach. (Jack Canfield is an author, motivational speaker, corporate trainer, and entrepreneur—you may know him as the co-author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series.) I have worked with my coaching clients to help them identify and overcome obstacles and move forward in their lives. These skills also guide me as I work with our LifeWorx clientele and candidates.

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Mercy College in New York. Originally a Bronx girl, I have lived in Connecticut much of the past 30 years. Our family recently moved to New York City for my teenage daughter to pursue her dream of training towards a career as a professional ballerina. As a family we love to ride bikes in Central Park, explore different neighborhoods, and of course attend the ballet. This past fall we participated for the first time in the Tunnels to Towers 5K run, benefiting first responders and injured service members. We were so inspired that we plan on making this an annual family fundraising event.

Jevine Campbell Cox (March 2019)

"I was introduced to Lifeworx by a friend, they’re a well organized agency. Ela and Christine are superb they shows a sincere interest in the employees and clients, highly respected, very effective in communicating and responds quickly to concerns and solves problems ASAP. They provide great information to attain great results. They’re excellent team leaders. Ela and Christine are the best!!!"


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