The LifeWorx Guide to 24-Hour Care

It is hard to know when people might need 24-hour home care, particularly when there’s a temporary or chronic health condition, recovering from a traumatic injury or surgery, or a disability.

This resource guide will provide you with the comfort and answers to your questions and our Care Team is available to help find a solution to help ease your family’s peace of mind.

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What does a typical day look like in 24-hour home care?

24-hour home care in the comfort of your loved one’s home is about much more than just practical assistance. It’s about improving their lifestyle without asking them to change the way they like to do things and creating new opportunities that might otherwise have been out of reach. Below is a brief agenda of what 24-hour home care looks like:

  • Morning
    • Getting up
      The caregiver is here to offer any support that’s required, whatever that may look like. It may be that your loved one needs some medication or needs help in getting dressed. Or they may need support in getting to the bathroom and even someone to tend to more personal needs.
    • Having a shower
      For families thinking about elderly relatives, bathroom safety is usually at the top of the list of concerns. Bathing is a personal thing and your loved one may simply need help getting in and out of the bath. Whatever, the care recipient needs, a caregiver is there to work around their wishes and create the most comfortable environment possible.
    • Brushing teeth
      When it comes to oral hygiene for the elderly, consistency is key, and a caregiver is there to make sure your loved one brushes every morning and evening.
    • Getting ready
      Caregivers are on hand to help your loved one get dressed a task which only gets more difficult for those with joint trouble.
    • Taking medication
      However complex your loved one’s medication needs are, a caregiver must make sure to stick to a strict schedule.
    • Looking after a home takes a lot of hard work at any age
      A caregiver can help with general housekeeping and offer everything from light assistance to full responsibility for all domestic chores.
    • Having breakfast and chatting
       A caregiver is as much there to offer companionship as physical and medical support. A loved one’s downtime becomes something that keeps their mind engaged and a sense of isolation at bay. At LifeWorx, we carefully match caregivers with care recipients so they can develop a real rapport and genuine friendship.
  • Afternoon
    • Meeting friends
      Care recipients can stay connected to their social circle by getting to and from events outside of their homes instead. The more they maintain relationships that have underscored their lives to date, the more secure in their identity they’re likely to feel.
    • Get some exercise
       A caregiver will make exercises an intrinsic part of your loved one’s routine, whether those are chair exercises or a gentle walk to the shops. Frequent exercises are great for morale and significant health benefits.
  • Evening
    • Dealing with “sundowning”
      If your loved one is struggling with dementia, the late afternoon and early evening can be a troubling period. A caregiver is on hand to offer support unit the sunset passes. They may use a range of techniques to calm the situation down, from keeping their mind busy with another activity.
    • Preparing dinner
      There’s nothing like a home-cooked meal at the end of a long day and your loved one’s caregiver is here to put together something. A caregiver will make sure it’s something your loved one enjoys and that their balanced diet is met.
    • Getting ready for bed
      After a long day, it’s important to get a good night’s rest – but those can be harder to come by in later life. It’s up to the caregiver to put in place the routine that’ll make it easy. Developing consistency is important to ensure a happy and healthy lifestyle in the long term.

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