The LifeWorx Guide to 24-Hour Care

It is hard to know when people might need 24-hour home care, particularly when there’s a temporary or chronic health condition, recovering from a traumatic injury or surgery, or a disability.

This resource guide will provide you with the comfort and answers to your questions and our Care Team is available to help find a solution to help ease your family’s peace of mind.

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What does it mean to have “round-the-clock” care?

There may come a time when you or someone you love requires full-time care and support at home. “Round-the-clock” care is ideal for those coming home from the hospital after surgery, suffering from a debilitating condition, or even for family caregivers who require time away.

There are many advantages to having “round-the-clock” care such as:

  • Personal, consistent, one-on-one attention and assistance
  • Remain in the home you love with family and friends close by
  • Peace of mind – no need to worry about being alone and waiting for help to arrive if something goes wrong
  • Help with personal care, no matter what time of day
  • Assistance with bathing and dressing, meal prep and nutrition, housekeeping, and laundry
  • Companionship 24 hours a day
  • Medication reminders

If you choose 24-hour care, you can take comfort in knowing our caregivers are:

  • Insured and carefully screened with criminal background checks
  • Well-trained and highly skilled
  • Matched to best suit your needs and preferences
  • Client-focused and carefully following care plans based on nursing best practices, policies, and procedures

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