The LifeWorx Guide to 24-Hour Care

It is hard to know when people might need 24-hour home care, particularly when there’s a temporary or chronic health condition, recovering from a traumatic injury or surgery, or a disability.

This resource guide will provide you with the comfort and answers to your questions and our Care Team is available to help find a solution to help ease your family’s peace of mind.

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Will the caregiver have a medication management program?

Yes, the caregiver needs to work with all health care providers to keep track of the medicines your loved one takes. Below are tips on managing medications for your client:

  • Make a list of medications (both prescription and nonprescription) the person is taking and keep it up to date
    Tell the doctor all about the drugs the client is taking and bring the list along to each office visit. This information will help the doctor prescribe and properly monitor the person’s medication.
  • Make a care plan with the providers
    Discuss the plan of care with each provider regularly. Learn as much as you can about your client’s health conditions. Be sure to ask the provider all your questions about the medicines your loved one takes.
  • Establish guidelines for daily, weekly, or monthly medications
    If the person has trouble remembering to take medication, try associating doses with specific times of the day, such as getting up in the morning, bedtime, or with meals.
  • Keep a medication schedule (in the form of a calendar)
    Logging medication intake daily and each time the client takes their prescribed medication ensures the family of the client, as well as their team of medical professionals, have access to a daily log of the prescription drugs that were taken, as well as how it may have affected them such as side effects of how the individual felt after taking them.
  • Keep the client’s prescriptions up to date
    If the doctor wants the person to continue taking a medication that is nearing its expiration date, be sure to inform the doctor as soon as possible so that he or she can call the pharmacist to renew the prescription or write a new one.

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